Five Reasons to Take the SAT 2

Every year about two million US students take the SAT applesdgothicneo 다운로드. Why do they take it? Should you also take it? Below are five reasons to take the SAT.

  1. Make up for a low GPA – If you currently have a low GPA, scoring well on the SAT can balance the effect of the bad GPA Download ms Office 2013. By studying hard, a C-student can earn a near-perfect grade on the SAT. Conversely, if an A-student does not prepare well, he can get a bad score on the SAT 인스타 pc.
  2. Win scholarships – If you score high, many scholarships are available based solely on your SAT score. Even if you only get a mediocre score, a vast number of scholarships require an SAT score in addition to other requirements such as an essay 영화 항거. For more information on how to win scholarships read my Ten Steps to Scoring Scholarships 전등 무료.
  3. Apply at a college – Most colleges that are worth attending require SAT scores as a part of the application process. Even if the college you plan to attend also accepts other tests, such as the ACT, the SAT is more versatile because it is almost universally accepted as an entrance exam daum 팟플레이어 다운로드. The vast majority of SAT test takers use their score primarily to apply to a college.
  4. Go through college faster – Students who get high scores on the SAT are often able to skip basic classes in college and complete advanced classes instead 무료 파워포인트. While the students who did badly on the SAT take Math 101 and Writing 101, you can get ahead. In doing so, you will not only progress faster, but you will also save money on expensive classes 쎈놈들의 반란!
  5. Get a job – This is a controversial topic. Some people enjoin us to never put our SAT scores on our resumes, while others tell how their SAT scores helped them get their jobs 과학자의 서재 다운로드. I would take the question on a case-by-case basis because some companies require an SAT score, others view it as unprofessional, and still others fall somewhere in between 제노 택틱 2. As a general rule, unless you know the company well, do not volunteer your SAT score, but do be ready if it is requested.

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2 thoughts on “Five Reasons to Take the SAT

  1. Reply Elizabeth King Mar 12,2009 9:49 AM

    Could you share with me some schools at which a high SAT score allows students to get out of taking intro classes?

  2. Reply Nate Desmond Mar 12,2009 9:56 AM

    @ Elizabeth

    From my research, it looks like this information is not available online. Instead, the specific college must be contacted individually.


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