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With college costs climbing higher every year, how can anyone afford to pay for college 최태수? The fact is; most cannot. They have to get deep into depressing debt. However, you can pay for college without getting in debt…if you are willing to work hard Download Windows 10 MediaCenter. Below are four ways to pay for college debt-free.

  • Scholarships – One of the best known methods is that of getting scholarships 도스 박스. We all know that many scholarships are available for the excellent student and the musical protege. However, scholarships are often also available to the local FFA member and to the relatives of the local supermarket employees Download The Tactile Electric. If you look hard enough, almost everyone can score at least one or two scholarships. For more information on finding and applying for scholarships read my “Ten Steps to Scoring Scholarshipsviki 자막 다운로드.
  • Grants – The main difference between scholarships and grants is the sponsor. Most scholarships are sponsored by private individuals or businesses 리니지 패왕 다운로드. Grants, on the other hand, are usually provided by the government. Because I do not think that the government ought to be involved in the area of grants, I personally do not intend to apply for any government grants 신이 말하는 대로. Nevertheless, if you have different beliefs than me, you can save a lot of money by applying for government grants.
  • Military – If you are interested in working for the military, you can often get your whole degree payed for by them Download the matlab trial. I know someone who is currently getting an accounting degree this way. After he is finished with his degree, he will work as a military accountant for a few years Summer music. This can be an excellent option. However, it does have one major disadvantage. Using this method forces you to spend quite a few years of your life working for the military after getting your degree verilog 다운로드. I don’t know about you, but I don’t like the idea of being stuck in a certain path for five to ten years.
  • Part-time Job – This option is the most obvious. Many college students get part-time jobs while in school. Getting a job can be very important or even necessary. However, it does have one major disadvantage – the time cost. A part-time job eats away at your study time at an incredible rate. If you do get a part-time job, avoid working during your best study time. One job that I have enjoyed doing is officiating basketball on Saturdays. Officiating any sport helps your leaderships skills, your communication skills, and your athletic skills. Check around at you local recreational leagues for opportunities. Sometimes they even provide paid classes to teach you the rules!


  • What other ways have you payed for college?
  • What part-time jobs do you recommend?

4 thoughts on “4 Debt-free Ways to Pay for College

  1. Paul Mar 7,2009 7:55 PM

    Scholarships and jobs are typically your best bet. Grants are tough to get if your family is not at the bottom of the financial totem poll.

    The military is a good choice except, like you said, losing time. Good post!

  2. Anthony Nguyen Mar 17,2009 6:39 AM

    Here’s another way:

    If you’re already a full-time worker, the company that you work for may pay for some (or all!) of your higher education. I’m not sure if this is true on the undergrad level, but many large companies assist with graduate school.

  3. Matt Gelbart Mar 17,2009 9:30 PM

    Thanks for giving such a wonderful, valuable and informative post. I totally agree with your suggestions to remain debt free when you are studying in college. If students will learn how to remain debt free in their college days, they will never get into debt in their whole life. I read somewhere if student have taken some loan for their studies, they can wipe out their loans by becoming a civilian government worker or teacher and work in under-developed countries. I am not sure whether it is true or not but if it is true it is really helpful for students.

  4. Garrick Murphy Mar 18,2009 10:11 PM

    I am really thankful to you from bottom of my heart for sharing such valuable information with us. If a person can learn in his/her student life that how to remain debt free then he/she will never get into debt in their whole life. Now days when students get their first credit card they use it to that much limit which they can’t afford. Since they are not able to payback the amount because of which they get into heavy debt. So a student must learn to minimize the use of credit card and have minimum credit or no credit in their account.

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