Book Review: American Government (CQR)

American GovermentOnce a week I try to review some book related to college in order to lend some guidence to a field that has become completely overrun 사자에상. So many people are writing test guides and college guides that it is easy to buy a book that is not useful and that will be occupying space on your shelf for years unused Download the scratch.

Because I am writing a series of posts on the CLEP test, this week’s book review is on a CLEP study guide.  Actually, the American Government (Cliffs Quick Review) is not officially a study guide on the American Government CLEP test for which I am preparing, so I had to verify that the topics covered in the book were the same as those in the test.  A quick examination revealed that the book’s contents did match the test’s contents almost exactly.  Therefore, although not officially a CLEP study guide, the American Government (Cliffs Quick Review) is still useful in preparing for the CLEP test Download toy story.

User-friendly Layout

This book is written topic-by-topic, making it easy to find information quickly on some particular area of interest.  In addition,  nearly every paragraph has a descriptive subtitle that can easily be read at a glance while flipping through the book.  If you cannot find what you are looking for by scanning the pages, you can most likely find it quickly in the table of contents.  This book’s table of contents is so detailed that it covers nine pages, and, because of the topical layout, finding a specific topic is quick and painless.  If, for some strange reason, you cannot find what you are looking for in the table of contents, do not give up hope.  In the back of this book is an index that lists well over four hundred words and the pages on which they are found.  Because of the easy-to-use layout of this book, you can nearly always quickly find any information you need related to the American government 지존 귀환.

Enjoyable Style

Not only does this book have a easily-navigable layout, but it is also written in an engaging style.  As I write this book review, I have trouble looking anything up in the book without getting distracted and reading some interesting section.  Throughout this book, the authors include funny jokes that keep the reader awake and help make the book more memorable.  For example, in the chapter on public opinion wisely points out,

This lack of knowledge does not prevent Americans from expressing their opinions.  Rarely does someone say, “I can’t comment on that; I don’t have enough information.”

More funny but true quotes can be found throughout this engaging book Download hancom batter practice.

Defining the Terms
Have you ever been reading a book, and suddenly come upon a word who’s meaning you did not know?  Normally, when that happens to me, I decide to look up the word later, but later rarely comes.  In this book, however, it is easy to find a word’s definition.  Although the book uses many difficult words such as “gerrymandering” and “filibustering”, it does an excellent job of defining them.  The first time that a term is used, an in-text definition is included.  This often is all that is necessary to help one understand a new word.  However, even if you somehow miss the in-text definition, all is not lost!  In the back of the book is a large glossary.  Most of the new and unusual terms are defined in it.  How do you know if a particular word is included in the glossary?  If a term is written in bold print, then a complete definition can be found in the glossary.  Because of these numerous, easily accessible ways to understand a word, no reader has any excuse for not learning what a word means (I am reminding myself) Download the yoga video.

Who is this book for?

I would recommend American Government (Cliffs Quick Review) to any student who is studying for the American Government CLEP test.  Also, if (like most college students) you are just of voting age, this book could be useful to help you understand how the American system of government works cualcode.

What is your favorite CLEP preparation guide?