Using Your SAT Score Creatively

This is the last post in a four-part series on the SAT.

“I have taken the SAT . . . what’s next?” You can use your SAT score in a variety of ways. Rather than only using your score to get into a college, you can use it to save money. A number of private and college-specific scholarships are available for high, and even average, scorers.

Private Scholarships

Many private clubs or companies offer merit-based scholarships. To find one you can use a free scholarship search such as College Board or, my favorite, Fast Web. After receiving your information, these scholarship searches will attempt to find scholarships that you fit. The higher your SAT score, the more scholarships available. Unfortunately, these search engines cannot be perfectly accurate, so searching for scholarships can seem frustrating and impossible as you sort through a multitude of inapplicable scholarships. The key, however, is determination. For more help in applying for scholarships read my “10 Steps to Scoring Scholarships“.

College-specific Scholarships

In addition to private scholarships, many colleges offer scholarships, or even free tuition, to high scoring SAT takers. Before you choose your college, check around to see which colleges offer you the highest scholarships. For example, Ohio State University offers more than 7 merit-based scholarships. Colleges want to have excellent students, so a high SAT score can open many doors to college scholarships. Just like private scholarships, the key to obtaining college scholarships is persistence. If you do not get a scholarship the first year, try again the next year.

“Never, never, never give up.” -Winston Churchill

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