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Passing the CLEPThe CLEP test is one of the best alternative methods for earning college credit.  However, many students have never heard of the CLEP testing program, or, if the have, they do not know of it’s advantages.  Today we will look at four reasons to take the CLEP test Strikers 1945.

  • Save time – This is one of the most common reasons.  Taking  a CLEP test saves you time in many ways.  First, you can study at your own pace.  Because you will not have to wait for the rest of the class, you will be able to cut out part of your study time.  In addition, you can conserve time because you will not be forced to spend an hour or more every week sitting in a long class 블로그 동영상 다운로드.
  • Save money – CLEP testing will also save you money.  As each CLEP test costs $70 plus a $15 – $20 proctor fee, you will no longer will you have to pay as much costly tuition.  For instance, Bob Holmberg, a student at the University of Arizona, saved over $1,500 in tuition costs.  The price of required books is also decreased considerably when comparing CLEP prep books with normal college textbooks.  The average CLEP preparation guide costs around $30, while the average college book costs more than $100.  [Update: As of July 1st, 2009, CLEP tests cost $72 – a small two dollar increase.]
  • Make college more interesting – Some students take CLEP tests to make college more challenging and enjoyable.  Instead of slowly completing boring beginner’s classes, these enterprising students test out of the easy classes and advance to the more difficult and challenging courses 세이브축구.
  • Graduate on time – If you are nearing your target graduation date, yet you do not have enough credit hours, CLEP tests just might be for you.  Because CLEP tests can be completed faster than normal classes, a hard-working student can catch up by testing out of some of the classes ResourceHacker.

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What do you think about CLEP tests?

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  1. Eponine Mar 20,2009 11:46 AM

    I started college with 48 credits thanks to CLEP tests. I went to the local library’s book sale and bought a bag of textbooks for $1 (yes, one dollar for the whole bag) in subjects I needed to study, such as psychology, sociology, economics, and sciences. For the English, literature, humanities, and math exams, I didn’t really need to study so I didn’t bother buying textbooks. I got a great return on my $1 investment!

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