6 Free Resources for the SAT 6

SAT Study ToolsPreparing for the SAT can be difficult…and expensive.  Many serious college-bound students pay hundreds of dollars for SAT study guides and classes.  This does not need to be, however.  Today, I present six free resources that you can use to study for the SAT Suncheon Incense Machine!

  1. Official SAT Practice Test – College Board, the company that provides the SAT, offers a free SAT practice test.  This test is exactly the same format as the real test.  Everyone who takes the real SAT should definitely take this free practice test Download VectorWorks.
  2. Official SAT Question of the Day – This service is also offered by College Board.  Every day, a new practice question is given on their website.  To use this program best, you should subscribe to their service by email.  That way, even if you miss a day, the missed question will be waiting in your inbox, so you can still get the practice Download The Walk Use Map.
  3. Official SAT Practice Questions – In addition to the practice test and daily questions, College Board offers a set of practice questions.  These questions are split into three categories: Critical Reading, Mathematics, and Writing.  The three categories include a total of more than 150 questions Download the home version of Windows 10.
  4. Kaplan Free SAT Quiz Bank – Kaplan provides an excellent database of practice SAT question…for free!  This database includes more than 1,700 questions.  In addition, with a click of the mouse, it will use those questions to create a timed SAT practice test or quiz.  You can choose the number and type of questions 움직이는 바탕 화면.
  5. Kaplan’s Facebook SAT Challenge – Kaplan has used their SAT quiz bank (see #5) to create a Facebook application.  Using this app, you can answer free SAT questions and even challenge your Facebook friends to SAT competitions.  As far as I can tell, the questions here are the same as those in Kaplan’s main quiz bank 데몬툴즈 라이트.
  6. Past SAT Essay Prompts – What is the best way to practice the SAT essay?  Use past essay prompts!  College Board provides three practice essay prompts – all of which have been used on past tests!  The practice essay prompts are updated periodically Download a pdf of high school world history textbooks.

Have you used any of these methods?  Did you find them useful?

Image Credit: D’Arcy Norman

6 thoughts on “6 Free Resources for the SAT

  1. Reply Ibrahim | ZenCollegeLife.com Apr 15,2009 3:22 PM

    This seems like great stuff. Let me know when you do one on the GRE!

  2. Reply Nate Desmond Apr 15,2009 4:45 PM

    @ Ibrahim

    Thanks for your positive feedback! I will try to write a post on free resources for the GRE soon.


  3. Reply J.D. Roth Apr 15,2009 4:53 PM

    I’m confused. Which is it? Five free resources (as it says in your article)? Six (the number of bullet points)? Or seven (like in your title)?

  4. Reply Nate Desmond Apr 15,2009 4:57 PM

    @ J.D. Roth

    Thanks for catching my mistake! There are six free resources; I am not sure how I got the different numbers.


  5. Reply Axle Jul 18,2009 1:09 AM

    There is a site called Snapwiz (http://www.snapwiz.com) that offers 6 free tests. The quality of there website was good as compared to other free sites. Overall I think it was pretty good though the scores were a bit low. I suspect it wont be free for long.

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