Book Review: The New SAT

The New SATOnce a week I try to review some book related to college in order to lend some guidance to a field that has become completely overrun. So many people are writing test guides and college guides that it is easy to buy a book that is not useful and that will be occupying space on your shelf for years unused.

A few years ago, the SAT test was updated. College Board, the test’s creator, made many changes. Among other things, they changed the “Verbal Reasoning” section to the “Critical Reading” section and added the essay and the writing categories Download naver V app. Because of these changes, one must be very careful with SAT prep advice. Much of the advice for the old SAT no longer applies to the new, updated SAT. For example, I have often heard experts recommend that SAT-testers study for the difficult analogy section. Following their advice, I have taken entire courses that specifically prepare me for those types of questions.  Recently, however, I found that the analogy questions have been replaced by short reading passages. I was entirely on the wrong track!

Because of the differences, a book that outlines the changes made in the SAT is quite useful. Looking around, I found that one of my favorite publishers, Cliffs Test Prep, offers a book specifically about the new SAT 자귀모. This book, The New SAT by Jerry Bobrow, Ph.D., includes a comparison of the two tests, a review of each test section, and three full-length practice tests. This book stood out to me for two reasons. First, as I have already said, the comparison of the new and old SAT tests was a major plus. Second, I was quite pleased to find the three practice tests. As I have stated in the past, my favorite test preparation method is that of answering as many practice questions as possible 프로듀스 x101 6화. This book goes even further; it not only has practice questions, but it even has practice tests!

Comparison of the Old and the New Tests

This book starts with an introduction to the new SAT. Although you may be tempted to skip this intro, do not yield to the temptation. This section is has something in it for everyone. Obviously, it is useful for people who understood the old SAT and want to learn the changes made in the new edition. In addition, this section is also an important read for students who want to learn the ins and outs of the SAT past and present. This section begins with a general description of the SAT docker hub 이미지 다운로드. In less than a page, Jerry Bobrow lists the test time, the skills needed, the individual sections, the question types, and the number of questions. By presenting most of this information in a chart format, he makes it easy for his readers to quickly absorb the most important facts.

On the next page, The New SAT displays another chart – this time comparing the new test with the old. Here he compares the test formats based on time, content, and scoring. This chart should be read by everyone. For the scholar who is already familiar with the old SAT, it helps him quickly recognize the most important changes 나쁜나라 다운로드. For the student who is new to the SAT, it presents some enjoyable tidbits of SAT history. Moving on, the introduction then lists fifteen frequently asked questions about the new SAT. Here one can find answers to questions such as, “Should I guess on the new SAT?”, and, “Will the new SAT be more difficult?” Overall, this introduction to the new SAT is enjoyable, useful, and certainly worth reading.

Introduction to Individual Exam Sections

After the introduction to the SAT, this book continues by including one section on each area of the SAT – the Critical Reading, Mathematics, Essay, and Writing sections Download Jarvis. In the presentation of each section, The New SAT quickly explains the question types, skills needed, and suggested approaches. The main feature of this section is the practice questions. Throughout his explanation, Jerry Bobrow liberally sprinkles practice questions.  In fact, on each page he includes an average of two or three questions. This detailed review makes it easy to find which areas you need to work on and what you need to study.

One of my favorite charts is located at the end of the chapter on the Critical Reading section 옥수수 pc버전. Here the author includes a detailed chart of common prefixes, suffixes, and roots. If one has studied the terms and definitions on this chart, he can determine the meanings of unknown vocabulary words simply by investigating the origins of the unfamiliar words. This is a chart that is worth more than its weight in gold!

Practice Tests

After the chapters reviewing each individual exam section, The New SAT presents…drum roll, please… three complete practice tests! These practice tests are useful for a number of reasons. First, taking practice tests has the same effect as any other type of practice. Once you have answered enough questions, they stop seeming so hard, and you almost feel like you could answer them in your sleep Download my pc from the National Intelligence Service. Second, taking practice tests is better than simply answering practice questions, because it is more realistic. Taking practice tests is closer to taking the real SAT because both have the same time limits. The practice will help you become accustomed to the time restrictions and make it easier for you to know how long you should spend on each question. Finally, taking practice tests helps you to not be as nervous on the real test. This is because the test format will not be new to you. You will know what is next, how long you have, and when to do what!

Once you have taken the practice test, it is time to decide your grade 대장금 무료. Right after the tests, this book includes a detailed answer key. For each answer, the book includes the answer and an explanation. One complaint that I have about this book is the answer key format. Unlike the book I reviewed last week, Cracking the CLEP, this book does not show the original question next to the answer. Because of this, you will have to waste time flipping between the original question and the answer explanation.

After the answer key, this book has a section which explains how to find you approximate score muvee reveal 다운로드. By following a few formulas and using their chart, you can quickly figure out roughly the range that you scored in. If you are consistently happy with you score, you can register for the SAT. If, on the other hand, you do not like you score, you can easily return to Part I and study the question types that you missed.

Who Is It For?

The New SAT is useful for three groups of students. First, this book is a useful guide for high school students preparing for the SAT. In addition, there is also a section in the back of the book about preparing for the PSAT/NMSQT which is useful for slightly younger students. Finally, this is a great resource for college students who want to take the SAT in order to qualify for more scholarships.

What is your favorite SAT prep book?

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