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This is the May edition of the Top Posts for Frugal Scholars Contest.  Here you will find the ten posts from this month that I consider most useful for frugal scholars.

With the summer before you, this is a good time to think about job searching and life planning. Hopefully, you have already decided what to do this summer, but, if not, these posts can help you get started 파이널 블레이드.

Job Search Tips

“How to Nail an Interview: 20 Job Interview Tips” – This is an excellent post to read if you are graduating this year. The twenty tips presented in this post are the result of 28 interviews and hundreds of resume reviews. Reading it, I found that some of their tips are obvious, but others are more unusual 너사용법 다운로드. For example, who has thought of sending a thank you note to their interrogator interviewer? I highly recommend this article.

“Turning a Hobby Into a Job” – Do you have some hobby that absorbs all your spare time filezilla 다운로드? Are you a ham radio enthusiast, a blogger, or some other hobbyist? If so, you should read this post to see how Kelly Rigotti turned her blogging hobby into a job opportunity.  Perhaps you can do the same!

Financial Tips

“5 Great Reasons to Have Less Debt” – As you can tell from my blog’s name, Debt-free Scholar, I am entirely against debt 카툰워즈거너. Therefore, this post naturally caught my attention. Most of the reasons are obvious, but it is always nice to be reminded just why staying out of debt is important.

“10 Secrets To Curbing Your Appetite For Stuff” – Many college students struggle with the urge to buy more “stuff” Download windows 2012 .net framework 3.5. Unfortunately, many people feel more successful when they buy material items – even if they borrowed to buy it.  This post has some excellent methods to help you overcome your appetite for more “stuff”.

“Five Ways to Master Your Credit Card Debt After College” – Did you know that the average college student graduates with over $3,000 of credit card debt?  That debt is not going to disappear after graduation without a lot of work.  This post has some excellent ideas such as paying of the highest-interest cards first, moving your balance to lower-interest cards, and not using your credit cards at all until they are entirely payed off 중2병이라도사랑이하고싶어 극장판.

Planning Tips

“10 Questions To Put Your Dream To The Test” – We all have some type of a dream.  We may have “normal” dreams such as finishing college, starting a business, or getting a good job.  On the other hand, our dreams may be larger.  We may dream of being rich and famous, of getting a beautiful house, or winning an Olympic medal.  Our dreams, “normal” or large, need to be evaluated.  Are they possible?  Are they really worthwhile?  This post has ten thought-provoking questions to help you evaluate your dream.

“Scheduling 201” – Time management is one of the most difficult parts of college 오토핫키 매크로. Often for the first time, college students have to balance work, study, and fun. All to often, the fun overrules the work and studying, and the student does badly in college. This article explains how to motivate yourself to study, and it even mentions some ways to have fun while you study.

“My Focus-Centric Workday” – This article is a “case study” of the author’s daily schedule 한국어 책. One of the tips that stood out to me was the idea of only checking your email at a set time. Although I currently prefer checking my email more frequently, I am considering changing my ways.

“7 Tips to Get Where Your Going On Time!” – One of the best ways to ruin your professional image is to always be late an earlier version of Unity. Getting to class late might not seem like such a catastrophe, but what about getting to an interview late? Although this article is not specifically written for college students, it does have some excellent tips. I personally found this article very useful. (I am try to stop being late myself. 🙂 )

“Why You Should Adopt a Daily Schedule Before the Finals” -This short post explains some of the ways that developing a solid schedule will help you succeed during finals week PowerStone 4. While I agree with most of his post, I would add one point: Beware of over scheduling yourself. If you try to schedule every minute of your time, you will spend too much precious time scheduling that would be much better spent studying!

For more excellent posts, read the winning posts from the March and April editions of the Top Posts for Frugal Scholars Contest!

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