June ’09 Top College Post Winners 2

This is the June edition of the Top Posts for Frugal Scholars Contest.  Here you will find the ten posts from this month that I consider most useful for money-conscious college students nsync 다운로드.

This month’s posts discuss many important topics ranging from stress reduction to saving money with hobbies!  After reading these posts you will know how to vastly increase your productivity with a small investment of ten minutes a day; you will learn how to avoid looking clueless, and  you will know what to say if a friend tells you he is planning to dropout of college.  Enjoy 제우스!

Planning & Time Management

“The Benefits of a Gap Year” – Many students, especially in the UK and Australia, are already utilizing the principle of a gap year – a one year break between high school and college.  During this gap year, you can plan your life, regain your focus, or even learn a foreign language!  Reading this article makes me seriously consider planning a gap year for myself Adobe Muse!

“10 Minutes to a More Productive Day” – This short post explains how to make your day vastly more productive simply by spending 10 minutes a day writing your to-do list.  In this article, Ian McKenzie explains how to schedule your time, set priorities, and track your progress throughout the day 3ds 게임 다운로드.

“Drastically Reduce Stress with a Work Shutdown Ritual” – This was probably the best post that I have read all month!  All though it is mostly focused on work shutdown, the information provided here is easily transferable to study shutdown.  Basically, he explains how to verify that all your goals and plans are safely recorded.  With the knowledge that all your goals are written down, you can then avoid the stress of continually running through your schedule in your mind.  This is a must read 고령화가족 다운로드!

“Choose The Summer Job That’s Right For You” – Many students settle for a summer job that does not help them much in their career.  Working at your local fast food chain is a start, but future employers will be more impressed by less common position, such as a job at your local hospital (if you’re in the medical field).  Read this post to see how to get a summer job that will jump-start your career while still providing necessary income Download the General Rephase.

Financial Help

“Is Working Two Jobs Worth It?” – Using his own experience as an example, the author of this interesting post explains when and why working two jobs can be a good choice.  This is a very enjoyable and informative read Download The Omnivorous Family Dilemma.

“Organizing Your Way To Frugality” – Does organizing really help you save money?  This post answers, “Yes!”  In fact, there are four particular ways in which an organized living space leads to a well-filled pocketbook.  For instance, organizing will help you prevent double purchases.  Because you will always know where things are you will be much less likely to accidentally buy the same thing twice.  After reading this post, you will probably want to start organizing immediately Download Windows 7 Paint.

Other Useful Posts

“Questions To Ask Someone Before Dropping Out Of College” – Do you know someone who is considering dropping out of college?  As horrible as it may seem, dropping out of college is not necessarily a bad decision.  However, if the dropout does not have a good plan, it can be a deadly choice.  In this informative post Stephan explains some good questions to ask friends who are considering quitting college.  These thought-provoking questions will help students evaluate their decision 상장 양식.

“How the Right Hobby Can Save You Money…” – This post explains how the author’s hobby, sewing, helped her to save money.  Basically the money saved from a hobby falls into one of two categories: money saved from not doing something more expensive and money earned from things your hobby produces.  This was a very thought-provoking post php png 다운로드.

“How To Avoid Appearing Clueless” – I love the title of this post!  Who doesn’t want to avoid appearing clueless?  By utilizing the methods outlined in this post you can improve your reputation and appear more professional.  Many of the methods explained here are surprisingly simple.  For instance, “Listen.”  By simply listening and letting someone else talk, you appear wiser than someone who babbles on and on about a topic they do not understand.

“College Requirements That You Need To Make Your Application Stick Out” -Why is it that some straight-A students have their college applications rejected?  In this useful post, you will learn that academics are only a part of the college application requirements.  Although your grades are important, colleges are interested in well-rounded  students.  Jobs, volunteer hours, and extracurricular activities all play an important part in the college application process.

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