Twitter Profile Updated… Any Thoughts? 5

My updated Twitter profile.

Today I updated my Twitter profile.  As I was working on freshening up Debt-free Scholar, I realized that my Twitter stream was still using a default background!  Recognizing the opportunity for improvement, I decided to make a custom Twitter background.  Using a few of my favorite profiles as examples, I renovated my profile, adding some new information and even making my Twitter page design match Debt-free Scholar autocad 2016 keygen 다운로드.

The new background includes:

That’s all!  I thought about adding more, but ultimately I decided that it is best to leave some empty space to keep the screen from becoming too “busy” 니코동 영상.

What Do You Think?

Now its your turn.  I have explained the changes, and now I ask you to tell me what you think about my changes.

What is your opinion on my new Twitter profile design Download hypocrites? (You can view it here.)

5 thoughts on “Twitter Profile Updated… Any Thoughts?

  1. Reply Ralph Jun 11,2009 9:32 PM

    Who cares about a Twitter background?

  2. Reply Nate Desmond Jun 11,2009 9:46 PM

    @ Ralph
    After reading your last post about negativity (, I was surprised to see you writing such a negative comment. In answer to your question, I, for one, do care about a Twitter background. 🙂 I believe it is an excellent way to further your reputation and appear more professional. I have seen that very few people have custom backgrounds except well-known bloggers such as ProBlogger, and, therefore, I see it as an excellent opportunity for smaller bloggers like me.

    As a note for the future, your comment is borderline in its conformity to my Comments Policy. If you continue writing negative comments like this, I will be forced to consider blacklisting your IP address.

    I hope that such extreme measures will not be necessary, but that, instead, we will be able to have a long and friendly relationship with each other.


  3. Reply Sudeep Jun 12,2009 6:13 AM

    Well Nate ,
    Even I am surprised by Ralph comments … I am sure he might explain you why he have commented in this fashion . But yes your twitter background looks really nice .Is it possible for me to know how you did it . That would gr8 ful

  4. Reply Nate Desmond Jun 12,2009 6:26 AM

    @ Sudeep
    Thanks for your encouraging comment. I made my Twitter background using the default Windows “Paint” program. It took me a while (about 2 hours), but, like I said, this is my first Twitter background, so I had a lot to learn.
    I agree with you about Ralph. He might be really nice normally but was just been having a bad day.

  5. Reply Mike Jun 18,2010 4:04 PM

    Does anyone really use the Twitter web client any more? I can only assume that is why Ralph may have felt that way. Besides adding a couple of lists to my profile, I haven’t used the web based version of Twitter in over a year. So all of the hard work people do on their Twitter backgrounds is never seen by me, or quite a few other people.

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