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FireworksOn the Fourth of July, many people spend hundreds of dollars on foreign-made flags, shirts, whistles, and other things that latter get dumped into our landfills!  Unfortunately, this version of “patriotism”, although expensive, has no long-lasting benefits.  Instead, try to find ways to be patriotic that will benefit others.  To help you with that goal, I have prepared a list of ten truly beneficial ways to show your patriotism this Fourth of July 11 Secret Juju.

#1  Write A Letter To A Soldier

Even while we are celebrating our independence, our brave soldiers are risking their lives to defend that very freedom.  Show our troops that we support them by writing a letter or sending a care packet.  Using a website such as AnySoldier.com, you can learn more about what you can send and how to send it.  Receiving letters from home is a great encouragement for soldiers – let them know that we are grateful 엠카운트다운!

#2  Read the Declaration of Independence

Do you know why Independence Day is celebrated on July 4th?  On July4th, 1776, the Second Continental Congress officially ratified the Declaration of Independence.  July 4th is the day we officially separated from England.  Although nearly all Americans celebrate Independence Day, very few have actually read the Declaration of Independence.  This July 4th, “get into the spirit” by reading that bold statement of freedom that formed the United States.  You can read the Declaration of Independence here 한양해서체.

#3  Learn About Our Founding Fathers

Many Americans sadly do not even know the names of our founding fathers, much less their beliefs!  Take some time this July 4th to read about our nation’s founders.  Go to your local library and read a biography about George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, or one of the other founders.  These are truly amazing men!  As you read about their wisdom, their character, and their devotion to freedom, you will be inspired to higher levels of patriotism Apple YouTube.

#4  Learn The Words Of The Star-Spangled Banner

Most Americans only know the first verse of our national anthem.  In fact, many Americans do not even know any of it!  This July 4th set aside an hour or so to learn our national anthem.  Once you learn the words, you will be able to sing along during parades, fireworks shows, and any other patriotic meetings you attend.  Every American should know their national anthem 와썹맨!

#5  Donate Blood

Throughout our nation’s history, hundreds of brave and courageous people have shed their blood fighting for liberty.  Even today, as we celebrate our freedom, people around the world are fighting to maintain it.  Although you might never need to shed your blood in battle, you can donate your blood to help injured soldiers and civilians.  Contact your local Red Cross chapter and ask where you can donate blood.  By giving one to two hours of your time, you can help save a life baby pastel photos!

#6  Buy American-made Products

Unfortunately, many Americans celebrate Independence Day by buying foreign-made products.  This year, purpose to only buy products made in the US.  Although it might be slightly more expensive, with a little work you can rest satisfied that your money is helping improve the American economy.  Instead of employing some foreign worker, you can help keep an American citizen employed Download pdf to jpg.

#7  Donate To A Political Cause

Find a political organization or cause that you agree with and put your money where your mouth is!  Although as a college student, you will probably not be able to give much, every little bit does help.  Especially during the difficult economy, many political organizations are running out of money.  Even though $5 might not seem like much, if enough people donate, the money will grow 몬스터 길들이기 다운로드.

#8  Get Involved In Politics

In addition to donating to political organizations, learn more about politics in general.  Investigate the current issues and research the solutions presented by various politicians.  By studying now you will be ready for the next election.  In addition, you can write letters to your representatives telling them what you think.  Most politicians are highly influenced by what their constituents (that’s you) say Download office 2016 standard.

#9 Attend A Real Parade

Many parades these days are simply big advertisements for local businesses.  Avoid the “marketing parades” that are filled with nothing but advertisement floats.  Instead, drive out to a small, rural town, and watch a “real” parade.  There is no substitute Download the music.

#10 Visit A War Veteran

Try to find time to meet a real war veteran.  Thank him for fighting for your freedom.  If he is willing to talk, you might be able to learn some stories from the war in which he fought.  The lessons you can learn from these veterans are invaluable.  If you cannot find a real veteran to meet in-person, at least find an autobiography to read.  Learning about the challenges these men overcame will make you much more grateful for your freedom!

How do you plan to make a lasting impact this July 4th?

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