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Princeton Lecture HallThis is a guest post from Karen Schweitzer. She writes about online courses for OnlineCourses.org.  A few months ago, she wrote another post about 20 free online courses.  Today, she lists 20 free online lectures.  We’re glad to have her back Download the movie Think!

Online lectures are an excellent way to get high quality information on a broad spectrum of issues and subjects. Many of the world’s best colleges and universities offer free audio and video lectures online. Here is a list of 20 free college and university lectures worth checking out:

Time Management – Carnegie Mellon offers many different online lectures through their YouTube channel 삼성 블루투스 드라이버. This hour long lecture on time management is particularly popular among viewers.

Financial Markets – The Financial Markets lectures provided through Yale University’s website introduces students to the importance of financial institutions. Yale offers a choice of audio or video files for all its lectures.

Physics I: Classical Mechanics – The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) offers many free online lectures, including this one on classic mechanics 포켓 몬스터 알파 사파이어 롬 파일. This lecture is the first in a series of 35 video lectures taken from an actual MIT course.

Introduction to Computer Programming for Scientists and Engineers – UC Berkley always publishes audio and video lectures from some of their most popular courses. This introductory engineering course contains 30 online lectures that can be enjoyed as audio or video.

Defending Human Rights in Times of Terror – This free video lecture given at Princeton University by Dorit Beinischv, the president of the court of Israel, is freely viewable by anyone interested in the topic 아프리카 스포츠.

Introduction to Biological Anthropology – This introductory course from UC Berkley contains several audio lectures for students interested in biological anthropology.

Judaism, Progressive Values and Public Policy – The University of Southern California offers this video lecture that explores issues in Jewish religion and politics 안드로이드 네이버 동영상.

Listening, Speaking, and Pronunciation – This lecture is the first of four lectures offered by MIT. The entire series of lectures is designed for intermediate ESL students who want to practice listening comprehension through pronunciation.

Ethics in Robotics– In this free Carnegie Mellon lecture, the Professor of Robotics discusses different types of robotics as well as the pros and cons of military robotics 전법륜.

A Delicate Balance: Stem Cells, Cancer and the Immune Response – UCLA presents this video lecture given by Owen N. Witte, M.D. The lecture discusses the use of stem cells to treat some forms of cancer.

A Short History of Freedom: The Origins and Institutionalization of Freedom – This University of Princeton lecture is the first in a series of lectures on freedom Download the income tax return. Links to the rest of the series are available on this page.

Human Computation – Carnegie Mellon University offers this short video lecture from Luis von Ahn, who discusses how computing can change the world through the digitalization of books.

Web 2.0 Resources for Research and Teaching – This online lecture from the University of Southern California offers resources and hints for teachers who want to integrate technology into the classroom–a great lecture for any teacher or educator Download kanji old body.

Differential Equations – This online mathematics lecture is the first in a 33-part series of video lectures that can be viewed on MIT’s OpenCourseWare site.

Frontiers and Controversies in Astrophysics – This collection of Yale University lectures covers three rapidly changing areas of Astrophysics spring 첨부파일 다운로드.

Science and the Origins of Western Cosmopolitanism – This free online lecture from the University of Southern California is presented by the Professor of History. The lecture is part of the Faculty Research Lecture that distinguishes scholars of the University.

Marx’s Capital – The City University of New York offers this online course featuring 13 video lectures to teach Karl Marx’s Capital 영화 청원.

Modern Poetry – This free online course at Yale University provides a series of 25 audio or video lectures that focus on the concerns, techniques, and writers of modern poetry.

What’s Not Wrong With the Civil Legal System–And What Is – In this lecture offered at UCLA, the Professor of Law, Stephen C. Yeazell, discusses the evolution of civil litigation and procedure.

Heritage and Cultural Informatics – The University of Glasgow offers eight free audio lectures that discuss how technology can improve access to our heritage and culture.

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