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No Sucker Left BehindOnce a week I try to review some book related to college in order to lend some guidance to a field that has become completely overrun rar. So many people are writing test guides and college help books that it is easy to buy a product which is not useful and which will be occupying space on your bookshelf for years, mocking your bad judgment Download Shinsu-ji.

A few weeks ago, Marc Scheer contacted me and asked if I would be interested in reviewing his book. Almost immediately, the name grabbed my attention and interest.  Titled No Sucker Left Behind: Avoiding The Great College Rip-off, this book’s name is a parody of President Bush’s program, No Child Left Behind 어도비 플래시 플레이어 동영상. I quickly emailed Marc back and told him that I would be very interested in reviewing his book.

When the book arrived in the mail, I discovered the cover illustration was just as descriptive and captivating as the name itself Space Empathy. On first glance you see a college graduate wearing a graduation gown and holding a diploma. A second look, however, reveals that the student’s head has been replaced by Benjamin Franklin’s face peering out from a roll of hundred dollar bills and the “diploma” displays the letters “I.O.U.”

This book not only has an enjoyable and interesting title, but it is also overflowing with surprising statistics, revealed myths, and unknown problems 아파치 index html. After reading this book, I realized that colleges are really for-profit organizations. Even thought they might be technically “non-profits”, they are really looking for your money Download the iPhone default wallpaper.

Dispells Myths

Throughout this book, Marc Scheer takes the time to disperse a number of myths – some of which I used to believe. For instance, everyone knows taking advantage of a college’s meal plan is a great way to save money wav 다운로드. Right? Before I read this book, I would have whole-heartedly supported that statement. Now, however, I do not think meal plans are always useful.

Marc explains that the average student does not end up using all of the meals on his plan, so each meal he eats really costs him about $10 – $18 Kabul! Using excellent logic and fascinating examples, Marc Scheer disproves many widely-believed college myths.

Startling Stats

This book is literally teeming with fascinating statistics 배경 이미지 다운로드. For example, he explains on one page that the average college graduate has $3,000 of credit card debt and another whopping $23,000 of student loan debt 라이즈오브킹덤! Facts like these can really make you stop and listen to what he has to say.

After waking his readers up with those shocking numbers, Marc explains how much debt actually costs and lists a six-step process to decide how much debt is acceptable. (I personally think that for 1 out of 1,000 students student loans might be reasonable, but the majority of students should avoid debt at all costs.)
Marc Scheer’s excellent use of statistics throughout his No Sucker Left Behind helps emphasize his points and make the dangers and traps more obvious.

Solid References

Whenever someone writes a somewhat-controversial book (i.e. a book that tells the truth, however difficult it may be) everyone starts questioning its sources. Actually, this is a good thing, because, if we were not wary of strange, new ideas, anyone could write a book advocating any crazy opinion and change people’s minds. However, No Sucker Left Behind does not present strange opinions; it explains the truth and uses plenty of solid references to prove it.

In the back of the book, Marc provides hundreds (842 to be exact) of references. These annotations are used to backup and support every fact and statistic in his book. In fact, he has an average of 3.32 references per page!

Enjoyable Humor

One might suppose that with all the references and statistics No Sucker Left Behind would be a dry, tedious book. Thankfully, this is not the case. Utilizing strong writing skills and a well-developed sense of humor, Marc Scheer keeps you laughing through the entire book – allowing you to absorb critical information which will help you save time and money during college and afterward.

Who Is This Book For?

I highly recommend No Sucker Left Behind to any college student or college parent who wants to learn what is really happening and how to avoid “the great college rip-off”.  [Update: As Stephanie mentions in the comments, this book is also excellent for high school students.  Thanks for noticing, Stephanie!] While this book can be found inexpensively on, I will be giving away a free copy to one of my readers. Watch for further details soon[Update: The book giveaway is live July 28 – August 4.  Enter here.]

6 thoughts on “Book Review: No Sucker Left Behind

  1. Reply Stephanie PTY Jul 27,2009 8:14 PM

    It sounds like this book might be good before someone even starts college – during the college selection process, perhaps. Is that an accurate assumption, or do you think the book wouldn’t be a good fit for high schoolers?

  2. Reply Nate Desmond Jul 27,2009 8:32 PM

    You are right Stephanie. I should have mentioned that in the review. It would be a great read for high school students!

  3. Reply Norma Rickman Jul 28,2009 12:45 AM


    Great review! Lately, I’ve been questioning whether or not going into debt for college is really worth it in the long run. Many of my readers are nervous about incurring debt to go to college; rightfully so. I’m going to point them to this post so they can learn more about Scheer’s research so they can make an informed decision.

  4. Reply Stefan | Jul 28,2009 1:08 AM

    Sounds like a pretty cool book.
    I have been thinking also about the costs of going to college, in the Netherlands, I pay €1260 schoolmoney only, that doesn’t include books.
    Then there was someone (a lot older than me) and he said: ‘That is really cheap education, if I have a seminair from my work, my boss pays 1000€ for a two day seminair.’
    So you can view it like that also..

  5. Reply Grace Kobilan Jul 28,2009 4:25 PM

    Great review! It makes me want to read the book too.

  6. Reply Nate Desmond Jul 28,2009 5:16 PM

    @ Grace

    Thanks for your encouraging comment!

    If you want the book, you can enter my giveaway of it at


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