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July Contest Results!This is the July edition of the Top Posts for Frugal Scholars Contest.  Here you will find the ten posts from this month that I consider most useful for money-conscious college students.

The winning posts in July’s contest cover important topics ranging from saving money on gas to finding a job to using you iPod for educational purposes.  Reading these posts will help you become a better (and more financially frugal) college student!

Financial Tips

New ebook: Recession-Proof Your Career” –  This post includes a free 30 page ebook to help recent graduates get jobs and start their careers right.  After reading this ebook, you will gain important knowledge including the fact that good jobs are always available – even in down economies.

Thoughts On College Students Earning An Income” – This post will help you make the most of your part-time job opportunities.  A large part of this post focuses on time management, which is extremely important when trying to (successfully) combine school and work.

6 Financial Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs” – While all these tips are useful, the one that caught my attention the most explained the need to avoid “relaxing on the big stuff while tightening on the small stuff”.  Too many people feel financially adept when they cut their $4 morning coffee while driving a brand-new $10,000 car!  It’s a good start, but they have a long way to go.

Transportation Tips

15 Wallet Fattening Gas Tips for the Summer” – With gas prices (slowly) on the rise again, everyone is once more looking for ways to conserve gas.  My favorite tip in this post explained that gas in a hot car actually evaporates!  Parking in the shade can actually save you money by stopping this slow and invisible gas leak.

Alternative Forms of Transportation” – I am a huge fan of alternative transportation (mostly because I do not have the money for a car 🙂 ), so this post really caught my attention.  Beside my favorite option, the bicycle, this post lists six others including scooters and car-pooling.

Skill-Building Tips

Things I’ve Noticed About Successful People” – Learn how to improve your first impression by dressing presentably, shaking hands decisively, maintaining eye contact, and using a tonally consistent voice.  The author of this article found most successful people he knew of had a strong foundation in each of those areas.

What To Bring To College- College Survival Skills” – If you are entering your freshman year in September, this post is well worth reading.  I especially agree with his last tip: “Learn to just say ‘No'”.  So many students feel like it would be rude to say “no”.  However, declining an invitation politely yet firmly is not insulting.  In fact, you will find people actually respect you more for it!

73 Ways to Become a Better Writer” – The tips presented in this post range from short, daily tasks (Learning a new word each day) to long, one time activities (Take a trip) to important writing rules (Start days, not hours, before your deadline).  This post is well worth reading.

Miscellaneous Tips

How You Can Find An Additional Hour Each Day” – Who doesn’t want an extra hour each day?  This post has inspired me to to try to find a way to cut some waste time out of my daily life and start making every moment count.

Essential Things to do With an Ipod” – I do not have an iPod myself, but, if I did, I would utilize some of the useful tips mentioned in this post.  In particular, I like the tip about listening to audiobooks – I have heard that writing and vocabulary is improved more quickly through auditory listening than through silent reading.

What was your favorite post this month?

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