Study for the CLEP in Four Steps

CLEP tests are an excellent credit-earning method available to all students.  Taking these tests will gain you real college credit… at a fraction of the normal cost Salie.

Instead of taking an entire class on a subject, CLEP testers learn the topic by individual study and take the test to verify their knowledge and gain college credit.  Using this method, many enterprising students have saved vast amounts of time and money by completing their first year or two of college entirely through CLEP tests 오늘영화!

#1  Assess Your Knowledge

Once you have chosen the appropriate CLEP test, it is time to begin assessing your abilities so you can prepare thoroughly for the test.  On the official CLEP website, read the exam description and determine how familiar you are with the names and ideas mentioned there.  Then, decide which topics you understand thoroughly and which ideas you do not yet understand.  Finally, mark each subject covered in the test as “Strongly Grasped”, “Somewhat Understood”, or “Totally New” Download webstreaming.

#2  Improve Your Weak Areas

Using your list of test topics, gather books, study guides, and other study aids to improve your knowledge of the CLEP test subject.  Before you go buy study guides, try the free resources mentioned on the CLEP website.  Although these resources are not “official”, they do provide excellent preparation for many of the tests.  If these online study aids are not enough, visit your local library and ask your librarian for books related to the CLEP test you plan to take Download the novel movie. There are also free practice materials offered by SpeedyPrep to help you get a good idea of how ready you are to take the actual test Free download to office.

#3  Reassess Your Knowledge

Once you are confident that your knowledge of the topic is sufficient, it will be time to reassess your grasp of the subject.  On the Official CLEP website, you can purchase an inexpensive downloadable study guide which includes a set of 50 to 60 practice questions.  Using these questions, determine whether or not you are ready to take the test Download the subtitles of Detective Pikachu.

#4  Continue Studying Or Take The Test

At this point, you will be faced with a choice.  If you did not score highly enough on the practice questions, you should probably go back to step two and continue studying.  However, if you did answer the practice questions well, you can now sign up for the test.  Search for testing centers in your area and schedule a testing date.  Then, fill out the registration form and mail it to your test center or bring it with you on test day, depending on the test center’s instructions.  You are now registered for the test!  Remember to get their on time and bring all the necessary items 울트라서프.

This post on studying for the CLEP is a part of my series on sucessful CLEP testing.  In the first post in this series, I explained four reasons CLEP tests are well-worth taking.  In the next post, I will explain how to prepare for test day.  Then, in the last post, I will explain how to use your CLEP test score 동아출판 교과서.

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