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Moving VanThis is a guest post by Patty Walk, the loving mom of two college graduates.  On her blog, Your Empty Nest, she writes about the high school/college transition period… from a mom’s perspective download psim.

I’ve now sent two boys off to college, one to the University of Southern California and the other to The Citadel.  Moving away from home is stressful enough without the added pressure of physically moving to a new location.  After experiencing dozens of “bumps in the road” during this process I have developed a short list of tips for parents and students to make moving a bit easier:

  1. Find out what is provided by the school:  Each school will have different furniture and amenities that they provide.  Most dorm room beds are twin extra longs, which can make finding sheets for them a bit of an adventure.  You also want to double check that you will have a school-issued dresser, refrigerator, desk and desk chair 80s Songs.
  2. Ship your stuff: If you live far away from your school, this is much easier than packing half a dozen suitcases.  Your things are waiting for you when you arrive on campus.  A cool service to check out is Design Your Dorm.  You can see 3D lay outs of your dorm room, design it, buy your items, and have them shipped to your room.  Talk about a one-stop shop Download Xiaomi Global Rom!
  3. Contact your roommate: Not only will this help you ease the anxiety of meeting the person you will live with for the next nine months, but this will also help you to avoid bringing duplicate items Barcode Scanner app.
  4. Less is more: Dorm rooms can already feel like prison cells when they are empty.  If you find yourself putting many items in your suitcase “just in case,” you may want to reconsider the way you are packing 프리 윌리.
  5. Bring a car:  Having a car not only allows your child to come home to see you (yes that’s a big perk) but it gives them freedom to enjoy their new surroundings.  Half of the new experience of college comes from the city your child is now living in and being stranded on campus cuts them off from the outside the world 카스 소스.

Follow these simple tips and your move in day will be as easy as possible!

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  1. Reply Ibrahim | ZenCollegeLife.com Aug 24,2009 7:54 PM

    Cool tips, Nate. I just moved this weekend, and could have used them!

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