August ’09 Top College Post Winners

This is the August edition of the Top Posts for Frugal Scholars Contest 2000년대 인기가요. Here you will find the ten posts from this month that I consider most useful for money-conscious college students.

The top college posts for this month cover many important topics ranging from time management to financial simplification.  In them, you will learn the seven smartest things you can buy, how much your time really is worth, and  thirty-five practical uses for you digital camera.  I hope you enjoy reading these ten posts as much as I have Download pill db!

Financial Tips

21 Ways to Score Free Stuff” – A surprising amount of free stuff can be had for the asking.  For instance, a book you may consider buying in the Amazon Kindle Store is likely free on Project Gutenberg.  Also, you might be surprised to find that, if you arrive just as a yard sale is closing, the owners will often let you take the leftover items for free 산돌 호요요!

Best Free Software Bundle For Your New Computer” – I don’t know about you, but I love free software!  However, there is one drawback – finding and downloading free software takes lots of time.  In addition, many free software download sites are not very user friendly and can be rather frustrating to use.  Thankfully, both problems can now be avoided by downloading the free software bundle explained in this money- and time-saving post.  In this one simple download, you can get more than 40 free programs, including Firefox (internet), Thunderbird (email), (productivity suite), and much more sketchup free 다운로드!

5 Tips for Getting Ahead in College” – Learn how to get a head start on your finances by starting while still in college.  For instance, this informative post advocates starting a retirement account… before you finish college!  Although you might not be able to deposit much, starting the habit of saving will give you a important advantage over students who spent (or wasted) their money 네고시에이터 다운로드.

55 Ways to Simplify Your Finances” – Do you find finances confusing and overly complicated?  If so, you are not alone!  Use the tips outlined in this article to simplify your finances… while improving your monetary strength db Orange!

The 7 Smartest Things You Can Buy Are Those You Hope You Never Use” – What is the smartest thing you can buy?  According to this post, insurance.  Learn the seven types of insurance that you can buy and forget about – until the day they save you vast amounts of time, money, and heartache Download the loan interest calculator.

Time Management Tips

How To Arrange Your College Class Schedule” – Time management is a useful skill for all college students, but for debt-free scholars, who often combine work and school, it is a necessity.  Unless you carefully manage your time, your school or work will quickly begin to suffer.  Therefore, the tips explained in this article can help you achieve the perfect balance of school, work, and play Spring large excel.

What is Your Time Worth?” – Do you value your time properly?  In this short but though-provoking post, Cal Newport explains how much your time is worth – in monetary terms that are easily understood.  After reading this article, you will likely find yourself looking for new ways to save your now-expensive time 스카이림 enb.

Miscellaneous Tips

Great Tips For The Job Hunt” – If you are currently looking for a job, this excellent article can help you improve your chances of being hired.  You will learn how to perfect your resume, cover letter, and interview skills – all important issues when competing in an employer’s market Download typhoon body.

Kiplinger’s List of Things College Students DON’T Need” – Do you really need the biggest meal plan available or is it simply a waste of money?  This post outlines four common “needs” that might really be “wants”.  Using this list as a start, determine whether you are making any unnecessary purchases.

Remember Where You Parked Your Car and More: 35 Practical Uses of a Digital Camera” – If you already have a digital camera, this useful yet entertaining post will help you learn how to use it to it’s full extent.  For instance, you can use your camera to catalog your belongings – a list that could definitely come in handy during any insurance claims!

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