Book Winner Announced… Plus A New Contest! 2

Last week’s giveaway of No Sucker Left Behind is now officially over and the winner is… Jayne 갤럭시 s10 동영상 다운로드.

She wrote:

Hi, Sounds like a great book! Count me in the drawing. I am a homeschool mom of 3. Jayne

I chose the winning comment using, so the contest was completely random.  Thank you everyone for entering!  I wish I could give all of you a free book, but, unfortunately, I cannot Download FriendsPop.

HP/Microsoft/Timbuk2/Syncables GiveawayThe New Contest

If you did not win the book giveaway, do not worry, there is much more to come!  As I mentioned in my laptop review on Monday, I am participating in the Back To School: Better Together computer promotion sponsored by HP, Microsoft, Timbuk2, and Syncables.  This month-long event’s main feature is the giveaway.  Twenty-five great blogs, including Debt-free Scholar, will giveaway a computer bundle worth more than $1,000!  No, that was not a typo; Debt-free Scholar really will giveaway more than $1,000 worth of computers and computer equipment 펄스시큐어!

This amazing prize bundle includes:

HP Pavilion Dv6– One HP Dv6 Notebook

I reviewed this amazing laptop on Monday, and it is absolutely the best computer I have ever used!  It is beautiful, functional, and extremely powerful chrome 브라우저 다운로드!

HP Mini 110

– One HP Mini 110 Netbook

I intend to review this little netbook next week, but I can tell you right now, it works great Download it to Tibero!

– An official “Debt-free Scholar” Timbuk2 Bag

This durable backpack will come complete with the Debt-free Scholar logo download mfc110.dll!

Syncables Software

To help you keep your computers in sync, the bundle includes Syncables Software 영화 무쌍.

How Can I Enter?

Debt-free Scholar’s giveaway won’t start until August 31, but other blogs will be running giveaways starting August 12.  Each blog with have a different type of contest, and I am not sure yet what kind to run on Debt-free Scholar.  If you have any ideas, please leave them in the comments Ioai download for a minute!

[Update: The giveaway entry instructions can be found here.]

The Other Websites

A total of 25 different blogs are participating in this giveaway, so 25 bundles will be won.  While you are waiting to enter the contest here, feel free to participate in the other contests that will be running.  The more contests you participate in, the better your chance of winning 픽스 아트 폰트!

Student Bloggers 12-Aug – 16-Aug
Geek Zone 13-Aug – 17-Aug
Kill Jill Goes to College 14-Aug – 18-Aug
Study Successful 15-Aug – 19-Aug
Gear Live 16-Aug – 20-Aug
Campus Grotto 17-Aug – 21-Aug
Poorer Than You 18-Aug – 22-Aug
Notebooks 19-Aug – 23-Aug
ThePrereq 골든서클 다운로드. 20-Aug – 24-Aug
Hack College 21-Aug – 25-Aug
College Times 22-Aug – 26-Aug 23-Aug – 27-Aug
Green Panda Treehouse 24-Aug – 28-Aug
Building Camelot 25-Aug – 29-Aug
Mocha Dad 26-Aug – 30-Aug
College Candy 27-Aug – 31-Aug
Studenomics 28-Aug – 1-Sep
The 2.0 Life 29-Aug – 2-Sep
Geek’s Room 30-Aug – 3-Sep
Debt-free Scholar 31-Aug – 4-Sep
One Day One Job 1-Sep – 5-Sep
Daddy Forever 2-Sep – 6-Sep
Clinton Fitch 3-Sep – 7-Sep
Zen College Life 4-Sep – 8-Sep
Gear Diary 5-Sep – 9-Sep

So you don’t miss this big giveaway, make sure to subscribe to Debt-free Scholar and follow me @NateDesmond on Twitter.

(Note: If you win a prize bundle in one of these websites, then you can’t win again in the whole competition.  Also, people outside of the US can participate, but because of shipping and custom problems they will win cash credit at the HP online store instead of the computers.)

2 thoughts on “Book Winner Announced… Plus A New Contest!

  1. Reply CMcKane | Opinionated Ant Aug 5,2009 9:12 AM

    Wow! What perfect timing.

    Thanks for offering not only your own giveaway but linking up to the other sites that do too! My 2002 dell desktop is finally showing some wear!

  2. Reply cynthia munch Sep 3,2009 9:50 AM

    I recently got laid off from work. I spend alot of time on my computer now, but it’s really old and slow. I’d love to win this computer.

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