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HP Mini 110I have recently been invited to participate in the Back To School: Better Together computer promotion sponsored by HP, Microsoft, Timbuk2, and Syncables which includes a review and giveaway (more on this in a future post) of four products: the HP Pavilion Dv6 with Windows Vista, the HP Mini 110 with Windows XP, a Timbuk2 computer bag, and Syncables computer synchronizing software. Today’s post is a review of the HP Mini 110.

So far, the HP Mini 110, my first netbook (a small computer designed for internet access and portability), has thoroughly impressed me Download The Great Escape 2 8. Although it is the smallest computer I have ever used, it is faster and more versatile than the old desktop PC I used in 2003.

Although it lacks the power required by graphics artists and media users, this netbook excels in completing the tasks required by most college students: internet browsing, word processing, and email checking. Because this computer lacks much media functionality (low sound, small screen for videos, and low-quality graphics), it is best used in conjunction with the HP Pavilion Dv6 which comes with excellent sound, ATI graphics, and blu-ray functionality 4k 뮤직 비디오 다운로드.

Highly Portable

The world of computers has come a long way. Just ten years ago, a ten-pound laptop was called “portable”. The HP Mini 110, however, is so much smaller and lighter that it makes the old laptops look like giants. Weighing less than three pounds, this tiny computer can be carried without any noticeable difference in weigh.

In addition, the size of this netbook (10” by 7”) is much smaller than the average college textbook Red Velvet dumb dumb! In fact, it is so small that I have heard it even fits inside large cargo pockets. Because of the small size and weight this computer can easily be carried around campus and used to take notes during the day. Then, after classes finish, you can quickly sync it up to the larger screened, more powerful Pavilion Dv6 and use the larger screen for studying at home ableton live 10 다운로드.

Excellent Screen

The screen on the HP Mini 110 is perfectly suited for student use. Larger than most netbooks, the ten inch screen enables you to see more at once and reduce the strain on your eyes. In addition, the screen is not very reflective, so it can easily be used even in higher light environments (e.g Download Katok Music. when the sun is at your back). This feature is very handy when you are going from class to class and can’t control where the sun is relative to your seat.

Great Battery Life

The best feature I have found on this netbook is the stunning battery life. When purchasing this computer, you have the choice of getting it with a 3-cell battery or a 6-cell battery Download The SuperPower Kikaio. My review copy came with a 6-cell battery, and it has exceeded all my expectations. Although the large battery does stick out from the computer and can be somewhat awkward, the battery life is well worth a few difficulties.

I have used this computer for about half an hour a day for the last five days and, even though I have never recharged it, it still has 60% charge remaining Download the free ringtones for the iPhone! In addition, much of that time I used it with the screen on full brightness, but the battery still lasts for quite some time. I have yet to use the battery to its limit, but I have heard of it lasting for 6 to 8 hours! The battery on this computer is excellent.

A Few Difficulties

To tell the truth, I have not found a single major problem with this netbook, but there are a few minor frustrations Download Kiki and Tororang. First, although the keyboard is amazingly large for a netbook (92%), I was disappointed by the location of the “Home” and “End” keys. These functions can only be accessed by pressing “Function/ < or >”. I use these buttons all the time, so the extra step can be annoying at first.

I also was slightly disappointed by the quality (or lack there of) with the built-in webcam Spartan. However, I do not use webcams very much (read “ever”) so this is not really a problem for me. Besides, the Pavilion Dv6 has a great built-in webcam!

The only other problem I have experienced so far is the lack of a built-in CD/DVD drive. This lack is necessary because of the small size, but it can be somewhat frustrating at first Download naver café file. However, it can easily be fixed by using an external drive, downloading from the internet, or transferring via a USB “thumb” drive.

Who Is It For?

Starting at just over $350, the HP Mini 110 is an excellent choice for any college student who needs a versatile, portable computer.  This netbook works perfectly for the basic computing needs of a normal college student.  It is designed to work better in conjunction with the HP Pavilion Dv6 I reviewed last week.

Future Review

Be sure to ready my six month review.

5 thoughts on “Computer Review: HP Mini 110

  1. Reply Joseph Aug 10,2009 5:41 PM

    Netbooks will usually have an option to buy a color-coordinated usb portable disk-drive.
    What’s surprising is how many netbooks now give you 160 GB hard drive space. At the beginning of this year, it was just 16 GB!
    Great post!

  2. Reply Mike Dicianna Aug 27,2009 9:31 PM

    A good comparison to this netbook is the MSI Wind. I have had really good luck with mine. Just using it for simple internet and word 2007. I found the keyboard a little better than the HP. These little netbooks are the way to go for school, easy on the backpack weight. Great review.

  3. Reply Barbara Sims Dec 11,2009 11:33 AM

    Husband bought one for me. Can I play games from the internet on it?

  4. Reply Josephine Feb 8,2010 11:29 AM

    I just started using my new mini hp 210 and I have been having a problem with viewing contract boxes. I have to download adobe and a few other things for school and am finding on long contracts the “agree” button is not visible on the screen… and I am not able to make the writing smaller with the ctrl – key or to move the box to see the keys, so I end up guessing how many times to press tab until it downloads. this is very unconvient and annoing. but besides that my mini has been great for school and just at the article says it is easy, portable and gret for students.

  5. Reply Paul Feb 12,2013 2:13 PM

    How do you get the USB connected to an iPhone open???

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