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HP Pavilion Dv6I have recently been invited to participate in the Back To School: Better Together computer promotion sponsored by HP, Microsoft, Timbuk2, and Syncables which includes a review and giveaway (more on this in a future post) of four products: the HP Pavilion Dv6 with Windows Vista, the HP Mini 110 with Windows XP, a Timbuk2 computer bag, and Syncables computer synchronizing software. Today’s post is a review of the HP Dv6 Notebook.

When I first began using the HP Dv6 Notebook, I was instantly impressed by a number of things Entry offline. First, the computer design was amazing! Not only is the computer truly beautiful, but it is also much more functional than most other laptops I have used. As I turned on the computer and began to use it, I found the power and performance of this computer is just as stunning as the outer design. With huge amounts of hard drive space and lots of useful software pre-installed, this computer can be quickly customized or used as-is kies 2 6 다운로드.

Fingerprint Reader

One of the first features I noticed was the fingerprint reader. This small piece of hardware, embedded on the lower right-hand corner of the computer, almost seems like something out of a science fiction book. After quickly running through a few setup steps in which I logged most of my fingers in the computer (it doesn’t accept little fingers), I arranged to log in to my computer with a password or with the fingerprint reader 에어 매니지먼트2. Now, when my computer turns on I can quickly log in by swiping my finger.

Unfortunately, I have had a few slight problems with the fingerprint reader. Sometimes it takes the computer a few seconds to connect to it after turning on, and the reader does not always recognize my fingerprint.  I expect the recognition error is a problem with my swiping methods and will probably go away once I get through the learning curve Download the free recorder. In my future reviews, I plan to write an update on how this difficulty progresses.

Computer Light

Soon after setting up the fingerprint reader, I temporarily shut the computer lid… and noticed another excellent feature!  The HP logo on the notebook’s lid actually lights up – just like on a Mac computer.  Not only is this feature nice looking, but it also helps protect the hard drive. On the computer I used before this one, it was always difficult to know when the hard drive had stopped spinning so I could safely move it. With the handy light on this new notebook, however, I can always know when the hard drive is off 붉은별 3.0 다운로드.

Mouse Pad

When I first started using the computer, I was somewhat puzzled by a strange button located between the mouse pad and the keyboard. I had never seen anything like it before, and I had not read the owner’s manual yet (I rarely do read owner’s manuals until I have a problem). After fiddling around with the mystery button for a while, I decided to check the instruction guide Man onFire. Fortunately, in an easily understood diagram, it explained that the button turned the mouse pad on and off.

Turning the mouse pad off makes it easy to type without having the mouse jumping around the screen. While this may seem unnecessary to some, those who (like me) have used a laptop without this feature will definitely appreciate it.

Excellent Audio

Perhaps the most visible feature included in this computer are the speakers – they are much larger than normal speakers c# ftp 하위 디렉토리 다운로드. In fact, most of the space between the keyboard and the screen is covered with the speakers! Because of the unusual size, I naturally wanted to see if the sound was better than normal also.

On the computer I used before, the sound was so quiet that external speakers had to be plugged in to make the sound audible more than a few feet away from the computer 취성의 가르간티아. On this notebook, however, the sound is plenty loud without any external speakers. In fact, the built-in speakers on this notebook may even be louder than the external speakers on the other laptop! Although I do not use sound very often, I look forward to finding opportunity to use these built-in speakers.

Great Operating System

This computer comes with the Windows Vista operating system petools 다운로드. Although I have heard some people complain about Vista, I have never had any problems with it. I mostly use my computer for internet browsing, text editing, and occasionally some graphic design, and I have never noticed any problems. I think that most people who complain about Vista are using it to do more memory-intense things such as video editing or gaming – both of which tax a computer’s power much more severely than a student’s needs ever would be likely to 겨울왕국 2 한글자막 다운로드. I consider Windows Vista to be an excellent operating system for students.

A (Very) Few Complaints

Unfortunately, no computer would be complete without some problems, and the Dv6, amazing as it is, does have a few. The cooling fan, which turns on intermittently, is somewhat louder than I would have expected. However, this problem may be only temporary because Oregon is currently going through a record-breaking heat wave. I will let you know in future reviews if this problem continues as the unusual heat alleviates.

The only other problem I have found yet is a strange clicking noise that appears whenever the volume is adjusted from the keyboard. It continues for a few seconds after any adjustment and can be rather frustrating when you try to change the volume in the middle of a movie or song. The only workaround I have found for this problem is that of using the on-screen volume adjuster instead of the on-keyboard adjuster.

Overall, the few problems I have run into can be somewhat frustrating, but the many good parts of this notebook far outweigh the few problems. This is the best computer I have ever used!

Who Is It For?

Starting at just over $600, the HP Pavilion Dv6 is an excellent choice for any college student who needs a good main computer.  It includes all the important features of a normal desktop, but with the portability of a laptop.  It is designed to work in conjunction with the HP Mini 110, a very portable netbook which I plan to review next week.

Future Review

Be sure to read my six month review.

56 thoughts on “Computer Review: HP Pavilion Dv6

  1. Reply Joseph Aug 3,2009 1:12 PM

    At home, we have the Dell XPS M1330 It’s a nice laptop, if not warm.
    We never use the fingerprint reader, however. It’s prone to error. The only way for it to register my fingerprint is for me to press down with moderately high pressure. In a sense, I have to grate my finger across the little scanner strip.
    Could it be an updated version?

  2. Reply Paul Aug 3,2009 1:27 PM

    I actually have the older version of that (it’s about a year old). The fingerprint scanner works pretty well, you eventually get the hang of swiping your finger properly on it. My biggest complaint is probably how hot the computer runs — I’ve had it shut off on me from overheating. Worse yet, the fan is extremely difficult to clean out.

    That said, it’s a great computer and has served me well for a variety of purposes.

  3. Reply Joseph Aug 3,2009 1:33 PM

    Try elevating it with wooden blocks – or something of the like. It helps dissipate heat perfectly!

  4. Reply Nate Desmond Aug 3,2009 3:51 PM

    Thank you for all your helpful comments!
    I am glad to hear that the problem with the fingerprint reader is only temporary. Also, the idea of using wooden blocks sounds great!

  5. Reply Ibrahim | Aug 4,2009 6:24 AM

    Excellent review Nate. This giveaway is going to be so fun!!!

  6. Reply Thomas Aug 15,2009 1:08 PM

    I came across this looking for a solution to the ticking sound when adjusting the volume.
    The other day I increased the volume on the touch option and it wouldn’t stop clicking i had to reboot the pc or press the mute button. How frustrating! I guess the guy who created this one must have been deaf… apart from that it’s a great laptop (so far).

  7. Reply Georgia Aug 30,2009 4:17 PM

    my brother has a computer very similar to this one (eg: Hp, lit up logo etc) and it also makes the clicing noise with the volume. The clicking is a little annoying. Once when he changed the volume it kept clicking too. he also had to turn it off, but after that we had no problems. Other than that it’s a really good computer, excellent for watching movies and playing games.

  8. Reply Katie Aug 30,2009 8:28 PM

    We dont have a laptop. But I do know that my husband has looked around and if we could ever afford one he would love to have a HP. Its hard enough raising 2 small children and my husband going to school full time to get the money to stretch and make it through each month. I know that once he finishes school things will be better and maybe then he can go out and purchase a new computer.

  9. Reply Alex Sep 4,2009 6:47 PM

    Very good computer, very good looking and performing. But as said there is a few bugs: clicking sound when you change the volume on the touch option (that prevents me using it now), reading problems with the SD/MMC/XD card reader (have to move my SD card a bit every time to make it work), some frustrating graphic problems when watching movies (that may be because of Vista..), very limited battery life (about an hour with the energy-saver profile) and excess heating of the computer, which isn’t a problem in itself unless if you have the notebook on your knees for a long time, it can get pretty hot…

  10. Reply Emma Sep 7,2009 1:17 PM

    I’ve found that the volume doesn’t click if you tap either end to turn it up or down rather than sliding your finger along it.

  11. Reply Nate Desmond Sep 7,2009 2:17 PM

    Thank you Emma! Your tip works on my computer also! Now I can (finally) adjust my speaker volume without activating the annoying clicking sound. This is great!

  12. Reply Josh Sep 8,2009 7:09 AM

    If you boot into bios on startup (F10) there should be a setting to disable button sound 🙂 I know there was one on my dv9000 and there is on my dv7-2185

  13. Reply Nate Desmond Sep 8,2009 7:55 AM

    @ Josh

    This is great! I just tried it and it does work on the Dv6 also. Thank you!

  14. Reply Farhan Zafr Dec 8,2009 12:26 AM

    It is very beautiful notebook,
    ” I LIKE IT “

  15. Reply Amna Shah Dec 10,2009 10:55 AM

    i love my dv6 🙂

  16. Reply Nicole S Dec 20,2009 8:47 PM

    I bought my computer August 15, 2009… as you can see from above that was only 3 months and 5 days ago. Twenty-Eight days after buying my computer I had to take it back into Best Buy so they could “fix” it because it was running supremely slow… to the point of being almost unusable. I got my computer back a week later they said there was nothing wrong with it but it seemed to be running much better so I took my computer home and continued on. I also have the clicking sound when adjusting the volume… i was told there was nothing that could be done. Now, here i am December 20th, and yesterday when i started booting my computer up I got a note-thingy that said my batery was defective. So i ran the hp battery test that came on my DV6 and it said to replace it and that it was still under warranty. I am now fighting with HP about it cause they refuse to do anything without me sending them my WHOLE computer which I think is rediculous concidering my computer is running fine with the battery as the only exception.

    Minus the two problems I have encountered in the three months I have owned my DV6 the computer is amazing. It runs fast, the graphics are good, the sound quality is good… I am currently attending college as a Graphic Design major so I have many many programs that take up quite a bit of space, and still, my computer runs good and fast. I would recommend this computer to anyone but advise them to upgrade to a better battery and make sure you have good virus+spyware protection.

  17. Reply Anup Shrestha Jan 16,2010 11:07 AM

    ah… thakyou everyone for sharing your comments and thanks for reviewing this laptop. actually i have just booked a hp dv6 dx today. n i’m so excited about it. i was also worried if i chose a god one or a bad one. coz it costs a lot of money here. now i feel relived after reading this page. thanks to everyone. i will also let u ppl know if i come across any problems.

  18. Reply Nate Desmond Jan 19,2010 10:05 AM

    @ Anup

    Glad to help! I am looking forward to hearing from you!

  19. Reply Kashif Akhtar Jan 27,2010 4:16 AM

    First of All i would like to thanks Mr. Nate Desmond for reviewing this laptop. I bought my computer few days ago and find same problems as you wrote in you reviews first Volume Clicking and second some time and found Fan Noise.

    But overall this is a best system for me

  20. Reply Kim Reyes Feb 3,2010 4:54 AM

    I got my dv6 2 days ago with 3 gb of ram, 512 ati graphics card and currently running on windows 7! This laptap is awesome and I haven’t found any problems yet! Truly a work of art!

  21. Reply dev Feb 5,2010 5:45 AM

    The Dv6 is an amazing, powerful and stylish notebook. I strongly recommend it.

  22. Reply Nate Desmond Feb 5,2010 12:23 PM

    @ Kim & Dev

    I completely agree with you – the Dv6 is great!

  23. Reply Annelise Feb 6,2010 9:25 PM

    What is battery life like?
    I am most likely getting the HP DV6-2110 but I can’t find anything on battery life

  24. Reply Hayley Feb 8,2010 11:06 AM

    Hi there, Im looking to buy a laptop for my sons 14th bithday in a few weeks, and trying to decide which one is a nightmare!! I found this HP-DV6 or Samaung R519 both are 4GB but I need to know which is better? He mainly uses his old laptop for school work and gaming but half the keys have now fell off lol!! If anyone would know which of these has the better graphics card or more suitable for my son it would be great,
    many thanks,.. Hayley

  25. Reply Thisara Feb 11,2010 12:30 AM

    @ Hayley

    I am planning to get the HP dv6 very soon. The specs on it kicks *** compared to the samsung laptop you have mentioned. With 1 gig of nvidia graphics u cant ask for more as a gamer, supported by 4 gig DDR3 of ram and with the new intel i5 processor, it is a gamers paradise. It has a 500gb HDD so you will never run out of space for all ur movies n music.
    I would personally reccomend the dv6. But that answer is biased because ive done alot of research on it and im getting it soon. but looking at the samsung laptop’s specs and the the dv6 specs, the DV6 STANDS OUT.

  26. Reply John Feb 11,2010 5:01 AM


    I just bought one of these on Saturday, the 6th Feb.

    It seems to have a slightly different spec from the one tested…

    there is no fingerprint reader, it has a 320 gig 7200rpm HDD, it has 4 gig ddr2 RAM with a 512meg ATI graphics card – it also has a 2.12GHz AMD Athlon processor and Windows Home Premium 7 64 bit

    I would recommend this laptop to anyone in the market for an entertainment (I just cant call it a gaming laptop – it just doesn’t have the spec) laptop with excellent graphics processing capabilities…

    I regularly use Blender, Milkshape 3D, Paint Shop Pro 9 and GIMP – with no lag or any other problems, and Windows 7 is excellent!

    Again – I cannot recommend this highly enough…

    To think – I nearly bought A Toshiba Satellite A500-p …

  27. Reply dave Mar 5,2010 4:01 AM

    I just got Hp DV6 – 2155tx . It has almost everything i expected . Intel i3 core , Windows 7 , LED screen with brightview , 500 GB HDD , 4 GB RAM , finger print reader , TV tuner card , HDMI port , webcam , wi-fi b/g not sure about n , Bluetooth and 1GB Nvidia graphics card . Its superb , i am not sure but feel 1080p resolution is possible to get from this laptop in case we want to watch HD movies or play games using TV. Comes along with 2 remotes , for tv tuner and one for normal movies and music to be played using media player . Excellent sound , could have been a bit more louder .
    Highly recommended , looks are amazing in DV6 series and it rocks with its performance too.

  28. Reply moahmed Mar 23,2010 2:44 PM

    thanks every one for your comments about the dv6 laptop
    i have just got the dv6-2150ee 2 days ago , it’s amazing.
    specially the core i5 processor and the nvidia card 1 GB dedicated.
    BUT i have also the same problem of the fan noise !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i had before the toshiba L500 , it has moderate specs compared with dv6 but it has no noisy fan and very quite at working.
    So i am asking our advice is this problem of the fan nosie has a solution or has it any effect on the system in the future.
    thanks for reading this.
    kindly waiting your comments.

  29. Reply shirley May 11,2010 4:54 AM

    i’ve just ordered my HP pavilion dv6!!!!
    i’m looking forward to get it!!!!

  30. Reply michelle May 13,2010 9:43 PM

    I purchased my dv-6 a few days ago. I love it but the only problem I am having is with the web cam. When I turn it on its in black and white. When I go to the cams settings I can not click the enable color as it is not in bold print. Any help is welcomed!

  31. Reply Rafiq Mohammed May 25,2010 1:33 PM

    I bought a Dv6 2153tx laptop 5 days ago, , the problem wid my laptop is it gets strucked sometimes and none of the keys will work tat time. . Even the power button doesnt work so am unable to even switch it off. . It switches off when the battery drains up completely, then i ve to start it. . This is a serious problem, please help me.

  32. Reply Peter Jul 22,2010 4:30 PM

    Hi from Australia, I have the DV6 with i5 and 1GB Nvdia, 700GB HD with Windows 7 (best yet OS), doesnt have a fingerprint reader (I dont need) great little machine, and very quiet. I would recommend it

  33. Reply shushank Aug 11,2010 12:09 AM

    I think I made biggest mistake by buying HP Pavilion DV series notebook. The notebook I have was supplied with windows vista (the shit version of windows) the performance of the notebook was ultimate low. It took forever to start. Slow processing of requests and also it used to get over heated a lot.

    Then started the disaster, the built-in camera stopped working. After couple of months the touchpad stopped responding (most of the time), one week back the hard drive crashed and so does the video card. I was lucky to retrieve the data using the safe mode, but now notebook refuse to start.

    Let me remind it’s just two year old unit and has been well kept since bought (just like a baby).

    HP customer support is also one of the non responsive and unfriendly departments I have seen, I called to explain and see if they can help me with this. The first thing the operator SAM from Melbourne Australia said anything you want to ask or want repaired will be charged. When I asked him what would have gone wrong with the notebook he replied, there is something what we call the life of the product, then I asked him are you trying to tell me that your product has only 2 years life, the answer was (rough tone) he cannot help and gave me a number to call and HANG UP…!!!

    HOW RUDE…..!!!!

    I am potentially out of pocket by $1200 and would not recommend HP Pavilion notebooks.

  34. Reply stephanie d Sep 12,2010 9:01 PM

    I just purchased the hp pavillion dv6 from Best Buy on yesterday, and today when I power it on I am getting a blank screen and it will not do anything. MAJOR disappointment.

  35. Reply chris.g Oct 12,2010 2:17 AM

    Hi. My mum has just got a dv6 and it seems to have a very limited battery life of maybe 2hrs max. Is that normal?

  36. Reply paa kojo fynn Oct 19,2010 9:33 AM

    just got the dv6,the battery life is max it normal with it.

  37. Reply labinot Nov 14,2010 4:04 PM

    hi all
    i’m gonna buy a HP Pavilion dv6-1215ez (VF354EA),
    please let me know if this serie caues any problems

  38. Reply Sean Dec 1,2010 5:48 PM

    Hey everyone, I have been traveling with my new Dv6 for almost two months now, I use it for mainly intenet communication in airports on wifi, watching movies and alot of Online gaming. I do not use for any office or business use but im sure it would be great in this area as well. >> Specs – Windows 7, Quad core processor 2.00ghz, 4.00GB/ram. 64bit, 320MB of Dedicated Video Memory with the AMD M880G chipset with ATI Mobility Premium Radeon Graphics HD 4250 vid card. Built in webcam, touch screen, finger print reader.
    The good
    One of the main reasons I chose this over the others in this price range was because of its 320mb dedicated Video Memory you will not find anything else close to this around this price range this is what makes it such a good computer for me from a gamers approach, this laptop is great for gaming and can keep up with most good home towers out there. Excellent graphics and can run at the highest resolution with the newest games, I personally play online games and experience no graphics lag with any game. best performance showing when plugged in.
    One bonus of this laptop for gaming is that the keyboard lights up in the dark! some people don’t know this feature is even there,to turn it on just press the key to the top right of your board beside the delete key, makes it great for playing with the lights down or for those who need to look at the keyboard to type it works great. I will just touch on some things that stand out for me. The built in webcam makes it great for communicating when away from home. The finger print reader for passwords is nice once you figure out the correct way you need to swipe your finger :). The speakers sound great for a laptop. The touch screen is a nice feature but I honestly don’t use it that much, sometimes when surfing the net if im to lazy to use my mouse. its a very fast computer and was well worth it for me.
    The Questionable
    The only thing I really Can not stand with this computer (there is a product to fix this) is the glossy screen, It makes it nearly impossible to read/see in well lit areas, if there is any sun where you are you can almost forget about seeing anything on it, if your wearing a light colored shirt it reflects like a mirror, I have been told that there is an Anti Glare Film you can buy for around 10$ to stick on it which will fix this, I will be buying one when i get home

    Its battery life seems ok but is not exceptionable only a few hours if using it heavily. I am normally plugged in so don’t run into this problem but if you are going to be away from power for a while and will need the computer I wouldn’t use the processors to heavily, maybe around 3hrs +/- .
    It gets very very hot on the left side around the fan outlet. this needs to be on a hard surface if using for any amount of time. If using on your lap for a long time put it on a book or something to let the air vent out. like all laptops its air cooled and needs to breath.

    I personally don’t like the configuration of the keyboard for gaming usage as your WSAD keys are mainly used to move ingame it seems to be off center to the right, if you are in a game and happen to hit some of the keys on the left it will screen you out and take you to whatever function is binded to that key. But if you are using this strictly for your gaming laptop you will use an external keyboard and mouse anyways so it wont bother you.

    Overall this is an Excellent computer. I am very pleased with it and would recommend it to anyone wanting a serious all around computer excelling in entertainment and graphics. Its perfect for me, I have owned about 5 laptops in my time and this one by far tops them all in all areas. I think this one will last a very long time. If you are shopping around this is the best in this price range. If you are looking at a bit lower price range you will not regret paying the extra couple hundred for this it is well worth it.

    There’s my thoughts!! hope they help someone

  39. Reply Sheryl May 15,2011 12:46 AM

    @ Sean

    Thank u so much for ur comment!!! because i have been trying very hard to find out whether the Dv6 is good at both gaming and for watching vids. if you dun mind could you tell me whether the dv6 u’re referring to is dv6-6003TX? because i will need to get a laptop very soon.
    Or can anyone tell me whether dv6-6003TX is e one he is referring to?

    Thank you

  40. Reply tefo May 16,2011 4:45 AM

    my dj6 has a huge problem..when i charge it it shows dat its chargin but it doesnt switch for battery life,it doesnt hv lives on th charger.nd its only 3years old..funny thing i knw more thn 20pple wit th same problem..*worst laptop i hv ever had*its jst all looks..hate hp..

  41. Reply Amanda Jun 24,2011 4:55 PM

    The complaints you listed are probably issues with your model — I personally have never had these issues.

    I have this computer with the touch-screen monitor and I LOVE IT! The mouse pad kind of sucks, but the screen completely compensates for it. It’s kind of a heavy laptop, but the screen is so perfect and combined with the excellent audio, this was a perfect TV or movie-watching laptop for me.

  42. Reply izzy Jul 9,2011 10:52 AM

    dv6 sucks like all hps. my first was a dv5. hard drive went on this one after two years. now 1 yr and 3 months later my dv6 hard drive went. i will nvr buy another hp. im stickimg with dell or gateway. don’t buy hp

  43. Reply chioma Jul 10,2011 5:30 AM

    hi i wanted to get hp g62 laptop but a friend recommended dv6 pavilion with 500gb, 4gb, fingerprint, bluetooth, webcam, wifi. Please i wnt to know which is better. I need it for school work, video n internet. And i also want to know whether my nokia phone can serve as a modem in any of the two. Thanks a lot

  44. Reply Carlz Jul 21,2011 9:06 PM

    I recently got the DV6 a week ago…Best purchase i have ever made. Its stunningly beautiful and sonic speeds make me melt, As iam a casual gamer i love speed and graphics along with portability as im always out and about, Perfect laptop for gamers on the go. It has retired my desktop PC, i have always customised computers this is my very first brand name computer and iam pleased with it and its Techno support. It is also light weight so it dosent break my back being in a laptop bag as my old laptop did 4 years ago, I love the lighting features on it, the light around the mouse pad is my faveorite it makes it easy to see when your useing the computer in a dark room.

    The finger reader isn’t much of a big deal to me, its just linked to my email for fast access. I love well constructed easy to use computers and this one is just that, Never seen my self to have love HP computers as much as i do now. This laptop continually blows me away!

  45. Reply Livy Jul 24,2011 7:45 PM

    @shushank I have had the same problems. After only a year (almost exactly) my battery needed replacing, thankfully it was simple to get a new one as it was still under warranty. I thought this was the end of my problems until I started to get the “blue screen of death” at an alarming rate. Taking my laptop to class would result in it “blue screening” 2-3 times in less than an hour. I ended up setting the computer back to an earlier date when I wasn’t having this problem but after a few weeks it started up again. Battery life has always been a problem, after a 50 minute class unplugged the battery would have enough life left for me to run home and plug it in.
    I’ve always taken very good care of my electronics and am very disappointed in the life of the computer so far. I love all the same things everyone has mentioned above but these problems are absolutely unacceptable for a portable computer system for students. It has been another year almost to the date of receiving my NEW battery and it is now dead. I took it out to allow for another cooling space (as the computer easily over heats).
    While I would recommend HP to my friends this computer has been a remarkable failure and though it looks beautiful, has great speakers as well as graphics, the fact that I cant use it for its intended purpose (AKA taking notes on it in class), is disgusting.

  46. Reply Puttaraj Jul 28,2011 6:03 AM

    It s awesome….
    I love my DV6… hmmmm

  47. Reply Cruise Jul 28,2011 11:45 PM

    This is really new in the market and its great features; it is also affordable and good looking. Thanks for the information. I will really happy to hear about this product. i see it also another article with the same subject available in this URL:

  48. Reply Oliville Sep 24,2011 1:23 PM

    I love this hp edition. It’s superb. I just keep getting amazed at each exploration I do. It’s a WWOOW! But my only problem is the battery. I just got it on the 19th of Sept 2011 but the battery hardly stays for 60minutes. Yeah yhu heard me right, 60minutes. I don’t know if it’s where I bought it but I’m sincerely not happy even after I’ve adjusted so many things. Can someone help me I’ll be must grateful?

  49. Reply Alex Nov 6,2011 1:42 AM

    I bought my laptop august of 2009. The computer has been kept in great shape. After the two year mark though, it began having keyboard keys coming off. The dis drive stopped reading discs. The battery needs replaced. The computer burns incredibly hot for no reason. This laptop was great at the beginning, but after two years, it turns into a piece of junk. I’d rather use and apple than this.

  50. Reply folorunsho fred odigure Dec 24,2011 5:33 AM

    i need hp dv9000

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