The 8 Essentials of A Basic Bicycle Repair Kit 1

You never know what might happen while you are riding your bicycle.  Your tire might get a flat, your chain might break, or some other strange problem might assail you.  Will you be prepared to surmount the difficulties, or will you be caught flat-footed Download Gerald's game?

The deciding factor is often based on the tools you are carrying with you.  Whenever you are out riding, you should always carry your bicycle tool kit with you.  Although the contents of different bicycle kits will vary, the basics are always the same.  Keep these eight tools with you at all times Download the stingy zapan.

A Seatpost BagSmall Container

Your entire bicycle tool kit should fit in a small seatpost bag so that it is easy to carry around.  A seatpost bag straps on under your bicycle seat so that it is out of the way yet easily accessible.  When you park your bike, remember to take your bag with you, or it might be stolen 해피투게더 워너원.

Patch KitPatch Kit

The most common bicycle problem is a flat tire.  However, if you have a patch kit, and know how to use it, you can repair a flat in 3 – 10 minutes, depending on the weather and other circumstances.  This should be included in ever bicycle pack 스무 살의 봄 다운로드.

Inner TubeExtra Inner Tube

If the weather is wet or if the inner tube is broken in multiple spots, using a patch kit can be impossible.  At those times, it can be quicker to simply insert a new inner tube.  Inner tubes are not a necessary part of bicycle kits, but they can save you time and stess ccm mr.

Bicycle Mini Pump

Small Pump

After you repair your inner tube, you will need to re-inflate it.  Always carry a small pump or extra CO2 cartridges, or your patch kit will be useless 가상 디렉토리 다운로드.

Bicycle Mini ToolMini Tool

Although bicycle mini tools are not necessary, they can come in handy in many circumstances.  Try to find a tool that includes Phillips and flat-head screwdrivers, many different sizes of Allen wrenches, and a few other tools.  Don’t look for one with all the extra (and unnecessary) features, but find a sturdy tool that will last well.  Also, make sure it is small enough to fit in your pack Amagi Brilliant Park!

Pocket First Aid KitPocket First Aid Kit

Every bicyclist should have a first aid kit handy at all times.  You never know when you (or someone else) will get injured.  Unfortunately, your first aid kit must be rather small in order to fit properly in your seatpost pouch.  Therefore, try to find (or build) a compact kit.  I built my kit using an old Band-aid® box.  For some ideas of what to include, read the Red Cross “Anatomy of a First Aid Kithostapd 다운로드.

Cell Phone

Cell Phone

Take your cell phone with you whenever you go riding.  This will come in handy if your bicycle develops a problem, and you need someone to come pick you up.  Make sure you have your friends’ phone numbers ib 이브 다운로드!

Always bring some extra cash when bicycling!Extra Money

Always carry a little extra money with you when you are riding.  You never know when it might come in handy for a bus fare, a quick snack (not recommended), or something else.  Don’t carry too much, but maybe $10 – $20 율려체.

If you keep these eight items with you whenever you ride your bike (and have the knowledge to use them), you will be to handle most common bicycling problems.  And, at worse, you can ride the bus home using your extra cash!

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  1. Reply Stefan | Aug 8,2009 11:34 AM

    Haha, great post Nate!
    Just the title only, cool you made a post about this!
    The three things I would recommend are the patch kit, the pump and money.
    Here in the Netherlands there are bike shops everywhere, and when you have a bigger problem than a flat tire, you are NOT the person to fix it.
    If you have more experience with bike repairing, than you could probably bring more..

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