The Visual Guide to Renting Textbooks Online 6

Online textbook rental is an interesting new way that college students can save money. Instead of buying used or new books and hoping to resell them after you finish, you can rent textbooks – often for half the retail price vmware vcenter 다운로드! For more information about how textbook renting saves you money and time, read my post, “Why Rent Textbooks Office 365?”

Today, I am presenting a picture tutorial explaining exactly how to rent a textbook.  The book that we will rent is called Focus on Personal Finance (ISBN-10: 0073530638 ) 컴퓨터 포토샵. Its retail price is $98.46, and it is published by McGraw-Hill/Irwin.  The company that we will use to rent this textbook is Campus Book Rentals, currently one of Debt-free Scholar’s sponsors Download Hearthstone for Android. (Discloser: No company or person is paying me to write this post.  It is entirely my idea.)

Step-By-Step Guide

Go to and search for your book.  You can search by ISBN, author, title, or keyword.  Here I search by ISBN because I know exactly which book I am looking for Download Jungle Mani.

Search For Your Book

Choose your rental period download ipad os. You can rent books for a semester, a quarter, or the summer.

Choose Your Rental Period

Next choose your shipping method nwc 1.75 다운로드. Unless you need the book quickly, you can get standard shipping for free.

Choose Your Shipping Method

If you would like, you can insure your book against theft, loss, or damage 주전자닷컴. This is probably a good idea.

Choose Whether You Want Insurance

Scrolling down, click “Add to Cart” Download The National Leading State.

Click "Add to Cart"

On the shopping cart page, click the button that says “Checkout” 닌텐도 ds 게임.

Click "Checkout"

Fill in the information to create a new account, and click “Create Account”. If you already have an account, just sign in.

Create Your Account

You will be redirected back to the shopping cart page. Click “Checkout” again.

Click "Checkout"

Enter any coupon codes that you have.

Enter Coupon Codes

Enter your billing and shipping information.

Enter Billing and Shipping Info

Enter your payment information, agree to their terms and conditions, and click “Proceed To Confirm Order”.

Enter The Required Information

Once you confirm your order on the next page, your textbooks will be on their way!

You can expect your books within five to sixteen days, depending on which shipping method you chose.

Returning the Book

Once you are done using your book, you can return it using the provided packaging and prepaid shipping label. Yes, you did hear me right! They actually do provide you with a box or envelope (Depending on your order size) with a prepaid, preaddressed envelope already attached! All you have to do is put the books in the packaging and drop it off at the nearest post office.

Have you rented textbooks online?  What has your experience been?

6 thoughts on “The Visual Guide to Renting Textbooks Online

  1. Reply Joseph Aug 21,2009 9:32 AM

    Very informative and interesting. Thanks, Nate!

  2. Reply C Aug 21,2009 11:53 AM

    I went with Chegg after I tried Campus Book Rentals (they didn’t have the books I needed but it is an obscure class).

    I’ll try for it again next semester but so far happy with Chegg, which I mentioned on Twitter I never would of learned about without this blog.

    So thanks for saving me money (which I promptly spent unwisely :).

  3. Reply Norma Rickman Aug 22,2009 5:55 AM

    Very nice post, Nate. I linked to it over at Just wanted to comment also on what a nice looking site you have; I’ll admit, I’m a little jealous. I guess that’s the difference from a site run by a sixteen-year old technical genius and one run by a forty-something mom who fights with her WordPress widgets on a regular basis!

  4. Reply Nate Desmond Aug 22,2009 7:44 AM

    All – Thank you for your kind and encouraging comments! Notes like yours mean more to me than any amount of visitors.

    C – I am glad to hear that Debt-free Scholar actually helped someone save money!

    Norma Rickman – Thank you for linking to my post! By the way, I am subscribed to your blog also, and I really like your writing style and post topics.

  5. Reply Ibrahim | Aug 24,2009 7:53 PM

    Wow, this looks like a great opportunity for all students. Great find, Nate. Thanks a lot.

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