5 Reasons College Students Need To Sleep More 5

Hotel BedCollege student are well-known for never getting enough sleep.  In fact, many students are proud of their ability to function well on small amounts of sleep!  However, this “accomplishment” can have dangerous results of which few are aware Download the Korean spelling checker.

1.  Increased Chance of Diabetes

Sleeping less can create long-term health problems.  A 2005 study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine found that people getting five or fewer hours of sleep on average each night were 2.5 times more likely to be diabetic, while those with six hours or fewer were 1.7 times more likely.  I wonder that the increase would be for people getting three hours or less dnspy? 😉

2.  Cause You To Miss Breakfast

Because your hormonal cycle is damaged by lack of sleep, you will wake up in the morning tired, but not hungry for breakfast.  Missing breakfast will slow you metabolism, lower your energy level, disturb your eating habits, and possibly make you gain weight (because of eating more at lunch) windows 7 다운로드!

3.  Make You Gain Weight

In addition to adding weight indirectly by making you miss breakfast, lack of sleep can also directly cause weight gain.  In order to keep you awake, your sleepy body will release an excessive amount of stress hormones which make you more alert… and tell your body to store fat.  Even if you have the best eating and exercise habits, this hormone will make you continue to gain weight quake 3!

4.  Increased Physical Pain

From backaches to neck aches to headaches, numerous aches and pains are the direct result of sleep deficiency.  While you sleep your body repairs itself, but, if you sleep too little, it will not have time to completely rejuvenate your body.  This will make your body sore, as well as decreasing your ability to build muscles 안드로이드 스튜디오 2.3.3.

5.  Lack Of Sleep Is… Intoxicating?

Studies have shown that pulling all-nighters (or going without sleep for more than 17 hours) can cause a reaction comparible to that of an intoxicated person with a blood alcohol reading of more than .05.  This means that your thinking skills will be impaired – making it dangerous to drive… as well as damaging your ability to score well on tests Putty exe!

How much sleep do you get?  What results have you seen?

5 thoughts on “5 Reasons College Students Need To Sleep More

  1. Reply uhh...? Sep 23,2009 1:45 PM

    i thought there was supposed to be 10 reasons here. why is there only 5?

  2. Reply Joseph Sep 23,2009 2:35 PM

    Don’t forget about hypertension, decreased brain function, and decreased muscle response.
    Not to mention all the added stress!

  3. Reply Nate Desmond Sep 23,2009 5:00 PM

    @ Joseph
    Good points!

    @ uhh…?
    My mistake, thanks for pointing it out! The title is now updated. 🙂

  4. Reply Stefan | StudySuccessful.com Sep 24,2009 5:16 AM

    Sleep is extremely important and something we students just don’t do enough!
    I am guilty on this also, especially with mid-week parties. Staying in a bar at monday till 2am, and having a lecture at 9am isn’t really good for you.

    Nice points, especially the first one. People aren’t aware of all the risk factors for Diabetes Type II, but it will be a big problem in the future..

    Nice post Nate!
    (By the way, you should change your permalink also, it still says 10 reasons)

  5. Reply ~Ebenezer Forest Farm LLC~ Sep 29,2009 12:35 PM

    It was nice to see your family last night Nate!

    Your points on the lack of sleep are very good! Those are the reasons our family has set time for wake up (6 am) and bed times (8:30-10:30)… Plus we have farm animals which are on a schedule espeacily when there is milking to be done! We thank the Lord for our parents who require us to be on schedule!

    In Christ,

    ~EFF Farm Hands 🙂

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