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Laptop PurchasingNearly every college student buys a computer at one time or other.  Computers are irreplaceable when writing, communicating, and learning.  However, computers are also excellent at eating your money!  To get a good computer, without going broke in the process, utilize these ten ways to save money on your computer.

#1 Know What You Need

Before you go to the store and start looking for a new computer, do your research. Are you looking for a fast computer with lots of memory 식품공전? A small computer to carry from class to class? A large screen computer to watch videos? If you know what you are looking for, you will be able to avoid wasting your money on a computer that does not really fit your needs.

#2 Know What You Don’t Need

In addition to knowing what you do need, you should also know what you do not need. Unless you are a photography or video student, you probably will not need the most expensive multimedia card – most likely, you would not even notice the difference Nice barn. If you know what you do not need, you will be able to avoid wasting your money on computers with unneeded extra components.

#3 Use Rebates To Get the Best Deal

Computer companies love rebates… because most customers never use them! By remembering to complete any rebates available for your computer, you can often save hundreds of dollars. Just remember to still compare prices – sometimes a computer with a rebate is still more expensive than a similar computer without a rebate Net Framework 4.0! Also, before you actually purchase the computer, make sure you fully understand how to complete the rebate – they can be pretty complicated.

#4 Buy Refurb1ished or Open Box Computer

Often you can get refurbished or open box computers at huge sale prices. For instance, Best Buy often sells its demonstration models at vastly lower prices. Refurbished computers are computers that have been returned for minor problems or simply because the customer changed their mind.  The computer company then completes minor maintenance or repairs, certifies the computer, and sells it at a discount.  Many open box and refurbished computers can be found online at places including NewEgg.com and TigerDirect.com crema sound firmware.

#5 Do You Really Need the Extended Warranty?

Evaluate whether the extended warranty is really necessary. If you plan to carry you computer around campus, the extended warranty probably is useful, but, if you are only using you computer in your dorm room, it may be a waste of money. Personally, I would prefer to have the warranty, if only for the peace of mind, but cutting the extra warranty is one way you can save money on your computer purchase 2019년 달력 무료.

#6 Buy Last Year’s Model

Computer models change quickly – sometimes even every three months. Generally, the “new” model will have a few slight improvements over the “old” model, but they are normally mostly the same. However, when the new model comes out, computer stores generally clear their inventory by selling the “old” models at steep discounts. Buying these discounted computers will give you virtually the same performance… for a much better price 리플레인 러브 다운로드!

#7 Don’t Buy It at All!

Sometimes, the best way to save money on a new computer is to simply not buy it at all! If your old computer is still working fine, try to get another year out of it. The new computers available next year will probably be more powerful and less expensive than your options this year!

#8 Avoid Unnecessary Software

When getting a new computer, try to avoid “investing” in unnecessary software Coffee Friends. While this may seem like common sense, many people are convinced by the computer salesman to buy some extra piece of software. Unless you do graphic design work often, Photoshop is probably a waste of money – other options will work almost as well.

#9 Transfer Software

If you have an important program already installed on your old computer, consider moving it to your new computer instead of re-buying it 여자친구 여름비 mp3. For instance, I found that my copy of Microsoft Office is licensed to three computers. So, when I got my new computer, I was able to install it there without buying a new copy.  If you only have a one computer license, consider uninstalling your program on your old computer and reinstalling it on your new computer.

#10 Use Free Software

Many times free software is just as useful as paid software. For example, Paint.net is an excellent free alternative to Photoshop centos 7 yum. Although there are differences, you would probably not even notice them unless you do lots of graphic design work. I am still learning to use all the features on Paint.net! For more free software, read my post, “9 Essential Free Programs Every College Student Must HaveAuto Hotkey.

Have you saved money on your computer?

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