42 Bite-Sized Tips for College Freshmen 4

CollegeThe first year of college is always difficult as students acclimate to a new environment, learn to function on their own, and begin working toward their degree. Hopefully these forty-two bite-sized tips will help make that important year just a little easier.

  1. Get to know fellow students. Networking is crucial to success quicktime 코덱 다운로드.
  2. Get organized. (Unless you want to constantly lose things.)
  3. Learn time management. You will never have enough time for everything otherwise.
  4. Apply for scholarships. Make every application as good as possible 젤다 야생의 숨결.
  5. Avoid scholarship scams. They will take all the money you let them.
  6. Find the ideal study place. You will be using it often.
  7. Meet your professors. They can be very useful if you ever need help.
  8. Go to class Download the Harry Potter and the Prisoners of Azkaban game. You never know what you might miss.
  9. Take CLEP tests. They will save you time and money.
  10. Listen in class. Don’t just be in class physically; be there mentally.
  11. Always avoid alcohol. It is better to not drink, and, if you decline politely, others will respect you for it 구글맵 다운로드.
  12. Form a study group. Once you start to know more people form a solid study group.
  13. Learn to communicate well. It is a skill that will pay off your whole life.
  14. Never miss a deadline. Memorize your assignment due dates and finish early.
  15. NEVER cheat 환단고기. You are better off failing than cheating.
  16. Learn to write emails properly. You will write plenty of them.
  17. Become self-sufficient. You should not always be needing help.
  18. Remember people’s names. It will get you more friends Download pads decal.
  19. Don’t buy books until you need them. Consider book rental.
  20. Avoid peer pressure. Don’t be too worried about what others think of you.
  21. Avoid the college bookstore. Their prices are notorious.
  22. Keep exercised Autocad 2017 Korean edition. Don’t get out of shape.
  23. Get to know your academic advisor. He will help you with everything from choosing majors to scheduling classes.
  24. Find a cheap form of transportation. Such as bicycling.
  25. Take notes in class. It will help you do better on the test fedora 21 다운로드.
  26. Find a job. There is no time like the present to start balancing work and school.
  27. Be responsible. You are responsible for your actions, so you need to act responsibly.
  28. Work for good grades. Your grades in college affect your hire-ability after college.
  29. Eat healthfully. You do not want to get the “Freshman 15” Megaron hangul subtitle.
  30. Find free computer programs. You can save lots of money.
  31. Write your budget. Then stick to it.
  32. Get involved in extra-curricular activities. These activities will also affect your job outlook 무료 번역기.
  33. Don’t over-schedule. Remember to include time for sleep and hobbies.
  34. Keep in touch with those at home. Don’t forget your family and friends from home.
  35. Pack smart. Make sure you include what you will need and avoid what you won’t.
  36. Don’t procrastinate. Learn to finish important tasks early. Never wait until “tomorrow”.
  37. Start a college blog. It will help you financially while building your reputation.
  38. Join local communities near your college. Get to know people outside your immediate college circle.
  39. Build good study habits. These will help you your entire life.
  40. Avoid bad study habits. These will hurt you your entire life.
  41. Find some good hobbies. Try to find a hobby related to your career.
  42. Subscribe to Debt-free Scholar. Every student ought to. 😉

What tips would you give a college freshman?

4 thoughts on “42 Bite-Sized Tips for College Freshmen

  1. Reply Paul Sep 4,2009 2:34 PM

    Great list, lots of solid tips there.

  2. Reply Lynn M Sep 23,2009 11:21 AM

    Wow, that’s some list! I think there are great tips (some essential) in your list but the student who achieves each one might secretly be a robot! Best of luck to college freshmen and strive to do your best and take your education seriously. Perhaps keep this as a checklist/reminder and see what you need to work on AND give yourself a gold star for those things you’re already doing!

  3. Reply Hank May 14,2010 12:25 PM

    Great stuff man it can really come down to just balance and managing your time.


  4. Reply f May 5,2011 9:14 AM

    I wish i saw tip number 5 earlier.

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