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Sustainable Study MethodsThis is a guest post by Stefan Knapen from, a site about how to study Download high-definition masterpieces. Stefan is a Dutch-graduated high school student who will enter college in September.

Using improper studying techniques can lead to college burnout.  Students with college burnout become so tired and stressed that they often have to take months – or even years – away from college.  To avoid this detrimental problem, all students should learn sustainable study methods that will not continually wear them down 시리 영화.


Students these days often use the same study method. Learn, learn, learn. Study, study, study. Skip nights of sleep because you study 삼국지 책략 전. I have been talking about this way of studying more, because it is a really interesting subject. If you look at students, 6 out of 10 students is studying in this way 그녀는 예뻤다 1회 다운로드. A foolish way of studying, because you can’t keep doing this. You won’t be able to study like this for more than half a year, you will get exhausted, you’ll get a burn out and eventually you will end up at your parents house begging to not go to college anymore tex 다운로드.

You aren’t that different than the earth, how you act now, works great now, but in the long haul, it doesn’t work at all. In the long haul, it will destroy you nik collection 다운로드. You will need to learn a more sustainable way of studying!

A Sustainable Way of Studying?

Yes, a sustainable way of studying. The whole world is trying to get more sustainable and you should get sustainable also, with your way of studying 디제이맥스 리스펙트. What does this mean?

  • Don’t consume too much. This means small amounts of work, more often. Do not push your work ahead and work your ass of the last couple of days before the test, do a little bit of studying everyday, and just small amounts Download the fish-raising game. Do you have a big project? Slice it into small pieces and do a couple of small pieces every day. We all want to consume too much from the earth and it doesn’t work Mojave. You want to consume too much of yourself, which also doesn’t work.
  • Consume in a good way. Don’t do your work when you shouldn’t do it 조용필. And I mean in the night, during the night you are supposed to sleep, not studying. So work over day and sleep in the nights! Find your killer-productivity time. Everybody has at a certain time the idea that they can do everything. For me that will be 10am, I’ll get really productive at that time and I have a great focus. So all the things I need to do with big focus (like writing) I do at 10am.
  • Process your garbage. When you finished a project, close it. Gather all the material (= papers, notes and all) and put it in one box and store that box somewhere. If you don’t process your garbage, you can’t find stuff you need right now. A desk full of papers you needed 5 months ago isn’t really good for your focus. You need to process project garbage, just like you need to process your garbage for a better environment.

The human race needs to work on the environment. Students need to work on their study environment also. We just need to do a lot, but it is for the greater good. Find a sustainable way of studying and have fun in studying for many years. Let me know your opinion on it, I am definitely interested!

3 thoughts on “Create a Sustainable Study Life

  1. Reply Stefan | Sep 30,2009 8:46 AM

    Hey Nate,
    Thanks again for the opportunity.
    I am almost a month in college now and I find it hard to create a sustainable study life. But things are working out, the introduction weeks are over now, so I can really work on my sustainability!

  2. Reply Ibrahim | Oct 8,2009 8:07 PM

    Great post Stefan. It takes some time to develop a sustainable lifestyle, but once you do college becomes a breeze and even enjoyable.

  3. Reply Dryc Feb 3,2010 12:45 PM

    You are right! I’ve exhausted myself in the 1st semister of the 1st year, and then I had a tremendous decrease in performance, and look at me now, at 3rd stage and still burned-out!!
    I guess I should start over calmly and sustain my life…

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