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Debt-free Scholar's Facebook Fan Page

Debt-free Scholar finally has its own Facebook page!  I have been intending to build one for a while, and, earlier this week, I finally did it.  Now all you Facebook-using college students can learn more about college while browsing Facebook!  [Note: This is not an excuse to waste your time on Facebook. 😉 ]

The Facebook Page Includes…

  • Useful College Tips – I plan to periodically post helpful college tips on the wall.  You can share your tips also!
  • A Place To Interact – On the Facebook wall, you can ask me questions and connect with other college students who read Debt-free Scholar.
  • A News Feed – In the “News” tab, you can browse Debt-free Scholar’s latest headlines – without even leaving Facebook!
  • Debt-free Scholar’s Twitter Updates – In the last tab, you can read my latest “tweets” – fresh from Debt-free Scholar’s Twitter profile!

Go ahead and look through our Facebook page.  If you like it, don’t forget to become a fan!

What Do You Think?

As time goes on, I plan to update and change the fan page’s layout based on your feedback.  What would you like to see on our Facebook page?

One comment on “Facebook Fan Page Added!

  1. Reply CMcKane Sep 4,2009 12:37 PM

    I really like the look of your fan page.

    The way your rss and twitter are intergrated is smooth. In fact I’m going to go check out Involver now.

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