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This is the August edition of the Top Posts for Frugal Scholars Contest Midday meteor. Here you will find the ten posts from this month that I consider most useful for money-conscious college students.

With the new school year just started, this month’s winning posts naturally focus on beginner student tips.  If you have already finished your first year of college, these tips will help you make this year better than last year.  If, on the other hand, you a new freshman, these tips will make you look like a veteran student Download pooq charges.

Financial Tips

The Mistake That Will Cost You Millions” – This truly-amazing post explains the importance of  investing early.  The comparison chart shows the startling amount of money wasted by starting retirement savings only eight years late Download The Dragon Eight 2003.

It’s Never Too Late For College Financial Aid” – With school started, you many think that your financial aid opportunities are past.  Happily, however, there is still plenty of money available, and you can learn where to find it by reading this post I can't download the theater version!

Make Money Recycling: Get Paid to Recycle by 15 Websites ” – You probably already realize the importance of recycling, but did you know that you can actually make some green while being “green” and recycling?  Check out these fifteen websites to see how it works Download Geometry Dash 2.0!

5 Money Saving Ideas to Help You Save” – I am always glad to learn more ways to save money.  Although these five ideas are closer to general theories than step-by-step processes, they can still help you improve your money-management skills 밴드 앱 다운로드.

Freshman Tips

How to Make a Good College Start” – Who does not want to get a good start on the new school year?  Read this post to start strong on your freshman year After Earth.

6 Ways to Deal With Being Homesick at College” – Many freshman students experience homesickness during their first year.  This post, written by a college student, will help you deal with your homesickness Download Gerald's game.

College Credit Tips

How Community College Can Benefit You” – Although it may not seem very prestigious, your local community college can help you save some money while completing your basic courses Download Infinity War.

Find the Best Community Colleges for You” – Once you realize the importance of community colleges (by reading the post listed above), you can use this post to evaluate your local college options 모바일 마이 싱글 다운로드.

Miscellaneous Tips

Organizing Your Schedule” – College students seem to have less time in their days than most people.  Apply the tips outlined in this post to make the most of the little time that you do have.

10 Tips for Busting Stress” – College work can be difficult and stressful, but, with these tips in mind, you can beat the stress.

Well, there are the ten winning posts for this month!  If you have a post that you think is worthy of winning the May contest, make sure you submit it as soon as possible.

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    thanks so much for including me once again! Nothing better than be a veteran personal finance guy in your first year of college.

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