5 More Ways to Waste Study Time 2

Studying on the ComputerA few months ago, I wrote a post explaining “5 Ways to Waste Study Time디오더. Because of that post’s popularity, I have decided to write a companion post explaining five more ways to destroy precious study time.

1 Windows 8 pe. Poor Planning

All too often, often I find myself going over my day’s tasks in my mind when I should be working on studying for some class. Bad planning can lead to distraction as you try to remember everything you need to get done Download multiple Java files. To solve this problem, keep a written plan or checklist so that you can concentrate entirely on the task at hand without worrying about forgetting your next tasks 그루비 아케이드 다운로드.

2. Skipping Class

Skipping class is another way to ruin perfectly good study time. Although classes can often seem like frustrating time drains, attending class is (almost) always a benefit Download eclipse compressed files. For instance, in one class I am taking this year, the written homework plan is often modified in class. If I skip class here, I would not know what to do for homework, so I would have to contact other students and ask them Download the Game of Wall Hee.

In addition, some professors use the lecture content on the test. Once a friend of mine skipped the lectures on an easy math class and just studied from the book php 게시판 첨부파일 다운로드. When the test came, he was in for a shock. The book built everything around a rectangle, but the test used another shape – one that was only explained in the lectures he had missed 엘리트들! Thankfully, he was able to apply the principles he had learned well enough to pass the test, but it must have been a nervous time. Be very careful about skipping classes Download Helix Jump!

3. Failure to Read Directions

This is a mistake I make all the time. Instead of carefully reading the directions before completing the material, I often quickly scan the instructions and eagerly start of the questions You don't have to. Obviously, this method can easily cause the student to miss question unnecessarily because he did not realize what he was supposed to be doing. Time invested in reading directions is time well spent.

4. Over-Reliance on the Internet

As we all know, many websites on the internet contain faulty information. Unfortunately, many students still are too trusting of information found on the internet. Before you use information in any of your papers, research the website it is from. The best sites are .edu or .gov because only educational institutions or governments can use those domain names. The worst site is Wikipedia because anyone with a computer can create content there. Use the internet carefully, because your professors will notice.

5. Failing to Ask for Help

Although asking for help to often or too quickly is a problem, so is too much independence. If you simply cannot find a particular piece of information, ask someone! Start out by asking one of your fellow students so you do not interrupt you professor unnecessarily, but, if the other students do not know the answer, you should definitely politely ask your professor. As long as you to not ask to many questions, your professor will usually be glad to help.

Now, time to put this into practice!

2 thoughts on “5 More Ways to Waste Study Time

  1. Reply marie Nov 24,2009 10:15 AM

    I have one “really bad prof” who doesn’t know how to teach. I would still go to class because I felt I ‘ought’ to, and I noticed something brilliant. Although class was boring and useless, you would never know when the prof might say something intelligent or important, so you don’t want to miss. However, you don’t want to fall asleep and start drooling. Well, some students were reading the book during class. That way, they were getting their readings done, and not skipping (and possibly missing out on something important). At least they weren’t completely wasting their time. Although we can argue whether or not this is respectful to the prof, I thought it was a good alternative to skipping.

  2. Reply Stefan | StudySuccessful.com Nov 30,2009 8:35 AM

    Failing to ask for help is a great one.
    When you need to do something you are not good at, and someone else is. Let that person be the one who does it. Else you would be wasting a lot of time on something not important, but difficult.

    Over here, the teachers are only allowed to make test questions on which the answer is findable in the books, so I don’t need lectures therefor. However, I try never to skip one, just because it is fun with friends!

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