8 Frequently Asked Questions About CLEP Results

CLEP tests, one of the best known credit-by-examination methods, offer a number of benefits to college students gmake 다운로드. Because testers are not required to take a class, they can save time and money by studying on their own. In addition, exam takers can use these tests to “CLEP out” of their college’s general education classes and move on to the more advanced and interesting courses Download Snow Zepheto.

Although CLEP tests are relatively simple, most students will have a few questions. To help you gain a better understanding of the ins and outs of using CLEP results, I present this short FAQ 오픈스택 이미지.

Will My College Take It?

Surprisingly, not all colleges and universities accept CLEP credit. Thankfully though, over 2,900 schools do 최신트로트. Just make sure to check your school’s policy before you take a CLEP test.

Even if your school does not give credit for CLEP tests, you might be able to use a CLEP test to skip a beginning level course Download Ubuntu wallpapers. For instance, a student who took the English CLEP test might be able to use it to skip the introductory English class – even if they cannot get credit for the test control bits.

How Many Can I Take?

This also depends on your college. Generally, each CLEP exam is worth about 3 to 6 credit hours. However, you will have to check your school’s CLEP policy to verify the amount of credit you can earn per test 구글 크롬 유튜브 동영상 다운로드.

In addition to the per test credit rules, some schools set a limit on the total amount of credit you can earn through CLEP tests. For example, a particular school might only allow its students to earn 25 credits through CLEP tests Download Xenonia 3.

This information can also be found in you school’s CLEP policy.

What Is a Passing Score?

Once again, these details are college specific 제이쿼리 엑셀. Just check with your college or university.

Where Can I Find My School’s CLEP Policy?

After hearing about how much important information is located in your school’s CLEP policy, you might be wondering, “Where is my school’s policy?”

Generally, this policy will be located in your college or university general catalog under a heading such as “External Degree Programs” or “Credit-By-Examination” Melon January top100. If you cannot find it there, ask a staff member.

When Will I Get My Score?

Because CLEP tests are normally taken on computers, the score will generally be computed and revealed to you as soon as you finish your test.

The only exception to this general rule is the English test with an essay. In that case, the essay will have to be graded by hand, so the results will come later.

Can I Cancel My Score?

Unfortunately, scores can only be canceled during the exam. If you decide to cancel your score during the test, just notify the administrator, and he will handle it for you.

Once you see the instant score report at the end of your test, the score cannot be canceled.

How Do I Send My Score?

When you take the test, you will have the opportunity to send a score report to your school or some other institution.

If you want to send one later, you can do so by filling out and mailing a Transcript Request Form.

College Board will then send the recipient of your choice a complete transcript of all the tests you have taken in the last twenty years.

Can I Use My CLEP Results For Something Besides College Credit?

Although college credit is the most common reason to take CLEP tests, other possibilities may arise.

For instance, you might use CLEP results for…

  • scholarships,
  • employment, or
  • certification.

Now that I have answered these questions, I have a question for you:

What have you done with your CLEP results?

This post on using CLEP results is the conclusion of my series on successful CLEP testing. Please feel free to read the other posts in this series about CLEP tests.

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