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Studying For Exam?Credit-by-examination is one of the best options for students trying to save money or time Cabin movie. Because these tests often cost a fraction of the cost of a normal classroom program, college students across the United States are able to save hundreds, if not thousands, of much-needed dollars by using these programs download ed2k.

In addition, these exams can help students get ahead in school. For instance, one student I know used the CLEP English exam to skip her school’s beginning-level writing class actor profile form. Instead, she was able to start at a more advanced level!

Because these tests can be completed at any of thousands of different testing sites around our nation and even the world, distance learners also take advantage of these opportunities to study from home Download your e-resume.


The College-Level Examination Program is most likely the best known credit-by-examination program. In fact, to me, “CLEP” is almost synonymous with “credit-by-examination” Download Windows Vista 64-bit.

One of the most useful features of the CLEP program is the five general exam bundle. If your school accepts CLEP tests, you will be able to skip the first year of college by taking these main test group Best. Because the first year of college is mostly a review of high school, diligent students are often able to take these tests and skip the review.

Besides the general exams, CLEP tests are available covering subjects such as English, mathematics, history, science, and many more Hyper spin. To successfully gain credit through CLEP tests, read our series on CLEP.

To sign up to test, go to Download Hyorine Minbak Season 1.


DANTES Subject Standardized Tests were originally developed for military members but are now available to everyone. Accepted by more than 1,000 colleges, these tests are likely welcomed at your school, but check before you take the test 여자친구 유리구슬!

If you dislike time limits, this may be the testing program for you – DANTES Tests do not have any time limits! However, be careful to get to the testing location on time because this military program can be very strict on punctuality mssql 2008 평가판 다운로드.

To sign up to test, go to


Offered by Thomas Edison State College in New Jersey, TECEP tests are less well-known, so you will want to make sure your college accepts them.

One major advantage of TECEP tests is the more advanced testing level. Tests in this program cover many upper-level classes that are not available in other testing programs.

To sign up to test, go to

AP Exams

If you thought that Advanced Placement tests were only for high school students, then you are in for a surprise. Originally created to help high school seniors, AP tests are now used by many thousands of college students. In fact, AP is one of the most popular testing programs!

Unfortunately, AP tests are normally only offered during the spring… when high school classes are finishing. Contact your local high school to learn their testing schedule.

To sign up to test, go to

These are only a few of the most popular college testing programs around.

What is your favorite testing program?

4 thoughts on “Save Money With Credit Exam Programs

  1. Reply Vicki@collegeparentcentral Dec 13,2009 7:28 AM

    Hi Nate,

    You are right that credit-by-exam is a great way for students to get ahead in college. It is also definitely underutilized by most students. This is a great round-up of the options available to students. Students do need to understand that most will need to do some serious studying to prepare for the exams – some are fairly difficult. But they are a great way to not just skip a class, but to actually receive the college credit for the class.

    The only thing I would argue with is your statement that the first year of college is mostly a review of high school. While this may be true for some students who are under-prepared and need to sharpen their skills, most college classes both take subjects to a different level and ask students to think about those subjects differently. In many cases it is a matter of working with the concepts more rather than memorizing information. Although the subjects may look the same as high school classes on the surface, the level of study should be different. Of course, as in all things, there are many individual variations. There are high school teachers who push students to deeper levels and college professors who let students slide on the surface.

    If students have a mastery of some basic subjects coming into college, credit-by-exam programs are a great way to get a head start – and both save money and find new challenges. Thanks for reminding students about the options.

  2. Reply cpascal Sep 28,2010 7:53 AM

    It’s true that not enough students realize how much money they can save through credit-by-exam. One of the reasons is that many colleges aren’t exactly advertising this option because they make less money when a student gets credit through taking a Clep than through paying the college for the course. Another thing to keep in mind is that some colleges are stingy about how many credits you can earn through credit-by-exam. So, when choosing a college, a student might want to look for a college which is generous in this area.

  3. Reply cpascal Dec 4,2010 3:29 PM

    There are also a lot of free textbooks online which can help you prepare for CLEPs, DSSTs, and co. I keep a list of them on my blog at

  4. Reply Verlene Kyser Jan 28,2011 11:04 AM

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