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ClockRich or poor, young or old, every human has the same amount of available time – 24 hours per day 웹뷰 파일. Different people, however, accomplish different amounts of useful activities during this limited time.

What makes the difference between and ultra-producer and an under-producer SolidWorks Electronic?

The answer is simple: time management.

Learning how to effectively manage your time will help you accomplish more, enjoy more, and stress less 잔나비 mp3. In fact, properly using your time will take you far down the road to academic success!

If you want to do more in less time, apply these tips to your own life jeb 다운로드.

#1 Plan Ahead

Each night, before you go to bed, think over your goals and priorities and determine your schedule for the next day.

By planning ahead, you stop yourself from wasting time wondering what to do, and you also save yourself from the trap of devoting too much time to a low-priority project Direct 9.0.

#2 Early To Rise

As Benjamin Franklin rightly stated, “Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.”

By taking advantage of the early morning hours, you can accomplish quite a bit before most others even wake up 카카오 tv!

Getting this early start will help you stay disciplined and motivated throughout the day.

#3 Set Priorities

Instead of attacking your tasks in random order, set priorities Download The General's Son.

This will keep you from wasting time on unnecessary tasks and from accidentally leaving a critical project uncompleted.

For example, my bicycle could use a good washing, but, when I set my priorities yesterday, I realize that I should be spending my time on writing this article instead 마인크래프트 대도시맵 다운로드. My bicycle can be washed another day, but this article needs to be published today.

#4 Establish Routines

If you complete your tasks in different orders every day, you will waste precious time trying to remember what to do next 스케치 업 브이레이. If you, instead, establish a routine, you can increase your efficiency and have more available time.

#5 Use a Daily To-Do List

This is an idea that I have been personally practicing for the last couple of months Download the taxi driver. Rather than simply trying to remember what I need to accomplish, I write it down in a small notebook.

This keeps me focused during the day and helps me to evaluate my progress at night.

#6 Minimize Downtime

Rather than wasting the time spent standing in lines and waiting at the doctor’s, try to find ways to use that time.

For instance, you can take a book with you to the doctor’s office and read while you are waiting. If you forget to bring something, you can always plan your schedule in your head or talk with someone.

The key is to find something productive to do rather than simply watching time pass.

#7 Take Breaks

Although it may seem counter-productive, taking breaks can actually help you accomplish more.

For instance, a student studying for two hours straight will accomplish some, but a student who breaks that time into twenty-five minute intervals with exercise breaks between will likely learn much more.

Taking short breaks can help clear your mind and prepare it for more information.

#8 Minimize Distractions

The modern college student is assailed on all sides: email, cell phones, Facebook, and Twitter all call for your attention and distract from the project at hand.

One of the most important steps to effectively using your time is to remove these distractions. Only complete these activities at regularly scheduled times (remember tip #4) and unplug for the rest of the day. Although you will not see your new emails instantly, you will be much more productive.

By applying these tips to your life, you can make the most of your available time. Your time is valuable: use it with care!

What is your favorite time management tip?

4 thoughts on “10 Tips for Time Management

  1. Reply Cate Jan 29,2010 9:52 PM

    I love this post! I do a great job of wasting time and I wish I didn’t because I know my life would be much better if I used my time effectively. I just have one small problem with this post: maybe I’m going crazy, but as far as I know 10 does not actually equal 8 which would make the title of this post kind of a lie. The tips are super helpful I just thought I’d point out that minor issue 😛

  2. Reply Tyron Cleine Jul 25,2010 10:13 PM

    Hi Nate,

    Great post on time management, however as you promised 10 points and only gave us 8 I thought I would make few additions of my own…

    As someone who has being working full time and studying full time for over 5 years now, I’ve found that time management is actually more about self-management. After all, you can’t actually manage time, it just flows.

    I often share my time management (or self-management) tips with other students and the best ones, which I would add to your article are:

    9. Clear the clutter from your life, both physical (like a messy desk) and mental. To clear your mental clutter, write everything you are trying to remember down on paper. Then take out anything that is either not in your control or not important. Add what’s left to your task list. Having a clear mind really helps with creating focus.

    10. Set “Magnetic” Goals – The only way to prioritise tasks, is to know what’s important to you. I use the 12/90/30 solution to set goal. Firstly, set your 12 month goals, then break those down into 90 day chunks. Take you 90 day chunks and break those down further into 30 day goals.

    Now, for every time consuming daily task you start (or want to start) ask yourself, will completing this task get me any closer to my 30 day goals? If the answer is no, find something else to do.

    The great thing about the 12/90/30 solution is the by asking the above question for your daily task, you know you are on track to achieving your 30 day goals, therefore you are on track to achieving your longer term goals, without having to even review what they are.

    I’ve also written an blog post on time management skills for students, which points out the 5 biggest mistakes people make when trying to improve their time management. That might help save some people some money.

    Keep bloggin.

  3. Reply Chris @ NetBizInfoGuide Feb 19,2012 7:39 PM

    Sometimes it’s hard to resist distractions.

  4. Reply Shrikrushna aghao Feb 19,2012 9:33 PM

    Superb tips..n now i following..it helps to me to complete my studies..

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