25 Things Every College Student Should Do Before Graduation 3

College To Do ListThe college years are a busy time, and, without planning, it can be easy to graduate without completing without doing everything there is to do Never letmigo.

To help you set your priorities and decide what to spend your time on, I have compiled this list of 25 things every college student should do.


1 파이썬 3.4. Keep a Budget – Design your own budget and follow it.

2. Win a Scholarship – Work hard enough to win at least on scholarship Download the Hancom trial.

3. Start a Savings Account – Learn to start saving your money.

4. File Your Own Tax Return – It is long and hard, but filing your own taxes is a part of becoming an adult 카카오스토리.


5. Get To Know Your Professors – Don’t just attend their classes, invite them out to lunch.

6 윈도우10 설치 파일. Learn a Foreign Language – In our increasingly-international world, this is a very important skill.

7. Learn To Study – If you learn how to learn, you know more than most people 벚꽃 사진 다운로드.

8. Ask Questions In Class – Don’t be afraid to ask useful questions in class – it will help you and your fellow students.

9 Download the websphere. Tutor Another Student – Teaching another student will help you learn better.

Career Building

10. Write a Resume – This will help you find a good job after school Download the kakaotalk pc version.

11. Start a Website – Though not for everyone, a good website can set you apart in your field.

12. Find a Mentor – In your freshman year, find a mentor who is well established in your chosen field windows 2012 r2 iso 다운로드.

13. Complete an Internship – This will help you gain valuable experience not found in books.

14. Build a Network – You will be able to find a job much faster with a large network Don't starve to.


15. Create Yearly Goal Lists – This will help you to accomplish more.

16. Develop a Daily Routine – Having a daily schedule will make you more effective.

17. Build a Five Year Plan – Know where you want to go and how you want to get there.


18. Practice Public Speaking – In nearly any career field, good speaking skills will help you advance.

19. Learn To Write – This skill is just as important as speaking.

20. Write an Article for Your Campus Paper – This will help you hone your writing skills.


21. Cook From Scratch – Learn to cook something other than Ramon noodles.

22. Establish a Workout Routine – Keep your body healthy, and you will be able to accomplish much more.


23. Read Biographies – Learn from the successes and failures of others. I have a goal of reading 50 this year.

24. Find a Hobby – Something that you enjoy doing in your spare time. Mine is blogging.

25. Go Camping – Every person should do this at least once.

What are your goals for college?

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    Dear debtfreescholar.com,

    Your website’s 25 things that every college student should do before graduating from college is excellent.

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  2. Reply Thomas Frank Mar 7,2011 9:51 AM

    Still need to do 6, 13, and 20, although I sort-of know Spanish and I’ve been hired for an internship this summer. I better get cracking on that newspaper article!

  3. Reply deanbrickland Nov 9,2012 12:32 PM

    lol. i thought this would be like party and do drugs and the whole social side of college. but this is actually usefull info. thanks

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