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TypingAt first, writing an essay can be a challenging and difficult task Android video link. However, it is an unavoidable part of college.

Students who are able to write a strong, persuasive essay will do much better than students who never learn to write well tbs NewsFactory.

By applying the eight tips outlined below, you can do much to improve your writing… and your grades!

#1 Start Early

If you are like me, you normally procrastinate until the last possible moment Download Windows Explorer 11. While this can be very tempting, essay assignments (and other tasks for that matter) should be completed well in advance.

If you try to pound out an essay the night before it is due, you will not have much time to edit, and the result will be a less-effective paper 도로로.

To give yourself enough time to properly perfect your essay, finish your first draft well in advance of the due date, and then edit it a few times before submitting it Download Season 1 for 2 nights.

#2 Research Well

Before you even begin writing, invest time in researching. Although you might not want to wait, proper researching will help you to write a topical, organized essay that will get a top grade Download the labor contract.

If you are researching online, remember to use the great resources mentioned in this post 윈도우 10 잠금화면 사진.

#3 Use An Outline

When I first began outlining, I was convinced that it was simply a time waster. After all, what is the point of outlining anaconda python 다운로드?

Since that time, my opinion has completely changed. Rather than considering it a useless extra, I believe outlining is arguably the most important part of the entire process of writing Download Photoshop 7.0 1 Korean edition!

Once I have designed a thorough outline, (or, skeleton, as my teacher calls it) adding the “flesh” is a quick and simple process.

Using an outline will help you stay topical, logical, and organized Download Soccer Spirits.

#4 Use a Strong Attention Getter

To start your essay well, you should capture your reader’s interest within the first one or two sentences. If you cannot pique their curiosity during that first part, your professors are unlikely to read your essay as thoroughly, and, as a result, you will likely get a lower grade.

Although there are many different ways to get attention, some of my favorite are:

  • Startling Statistics
  • Thought-provoking Questions
  • Exciting Stories

Whatever method you use, make sure that it is closely related to the rest of your essay.

#5 Use Examples

As you continue your essay, use plenty of examples.

Do not simply state a fact:

“College is useful.”

Instead, use a story:

“I realized the usefulness of college when I applied for my first job at…”

When needing examples, look to these three sources:

  • Personal Experience
  • History
  • Literature

Using these stories will help you illustrate your points and keep your reader’s attention.

#6 Be Detailed

Make sure to add plenty of detail by using descriptive nouns, verbs, and modifiers.

For instance, do not write:

“The man walked down the road.”

Instead, write:

“The tall gentleman in the brown suit trotted down the shady country drive.”

Your goal is to paint a clear picture in your reader’s head.

#7 Be Concise

Just as it is important to be detailed, it is also necessary to be concise. Be descriptive, but do not use superfluous words.

Keeping your essay concise will make you much more persuasive.

#8 Edit

Once you finish your first draft, do not think that you are done. Your rough draft is probably just that – unfinished!

After letting your essay rest for a day, come back to it and complete your second, edited, draft. By leaving it untouched for a day, you make it possible to see your essay from a fresh perspective.

Often, you will be surprised how many obvious errors escaped unnoticed through the first draft.

Good editing skills are a major key to strong writing.

What are your thoughts on essay writing?

5 thoughts on “8 College Essay Writing Tips

  1. Reply ~The Big Sister~ Apr 11,2010 12:24 AM

    Hi Nate,

    I love writing essays! I’m looking forward to reading this! We loved having your family over and can’t wait to see everyone again.


  2. Reply Alex Jul 26,2010 7:41 PM

    I would expand on the outline (#3) idea and even start with a more basic approach. Try a mind map. Start with a central statement (your thesis statement) and put that into a central bubble. Now draw 3 or so lines of this bubble. What ideas are you trying to persuade your reader about? These are your body paragraph topics. Now add 3 supporting facts to each item – this is the body of the paragraph. Now you have a framework, flesh out the outline with more solid thoughts.

    In a short essay it is a great way to group ideas. If you progress to short novels or full book, it is essential to give the story line flow.

  3. Reply Erick M Nov 13,2011 7:03 PM

    Hey Nate,

    Thanks for the cool article. I think you did a great job laying out the foundation of a great essay. This could be very useful for students struggling with essay writing.

    Keep up the good work!

  4. Reply Andrew Dec 19,2011 12:57 PM

    I disagree with using a question for a grabber. According to my high school English teacher, this is extremely overused. Instead, use a quote, statistic, or anecdote.

    One thing that I find useful is to read my essay out loud. This method makes it easier to find typos, bad grammar or sentence structure, etc, or if it doesn’t “flow” well.

  5. Reply Carlos Grady Dec 8,2016 1:58 AM

    I just ready this blog and I totally agree with you. There’s a lot of changes now on college essay writing. Looking forward to the updated essay writing tips 🙂

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