Do You Fall For These 7 Popular College Myths?

Most new college students have developed their own ideas of what college will be like. Often, however, these assumptions – based primarily on hearsay – are found to be incorrect when examined closely. By learning the truth about what to expect, you will be better able to adjust to this new and exciting period of your life Nice mouse cursor.

College only comes once, so make sure you are ready to ace the first try.

Myth #1: College is much harder than high school

While your senior year of college will certainly be more academically advanced than your freshman year of high school, starting college doesn’t mean that the gradual increase in difficulty will suddenly accelerate. On the contrary, the first two years of college are primarily a review of the last two years of high school.

Completing college requires a fair degree of diligence, but the requirements are not nearly impossible Nginx php.

Myth #2: Everyone will gain the “Freshman 15”

Due to the proliferation of fairly unhealthy but easily available cafeteria food, many incoming freshmen do gain weight. However, a combination of exercise and good eating habits can easily help you avoid this problem.

Not only will these two habits enable you to conquer the “freshman 15”, but they will also help you be more energetic and productive 007 Spectre.

Myth #3: Everyone needs a car

While many campuses are filled with cars, this need not be the case. Most of the time, everything is easily accessible by walking or bicycling. By putting off driving for a few years, you will be able to concentrate more time on studying while also getting more exercise and enjoying the outdoors photoshop cc 다운로드.

Look around your campus, and you will most likely see a number of students using human-powered transportation.

Myth #4: A degree guarantees your dream job

Although this may have been more the case thirty years ago (it never was completely true), a college degree is only one factor in landing your dream job. Although a degree definitely is important, many students actually find work outside of their majors, while others still do struggle with unemployment Download your computer.

Earning your degree will decrease your chance of unemployment while improving your opportunities for a dream job, but a diploma is not a one-way ticket to success. Look for internships that will improve your resume and expand your abilities.

Myth #5: More extracurriculars are better

We all envy the students who seem to effortlessly juggle difficult classes and multiple sports along with a few clubs and internships for good measure Download The Molwang Nuclear. The fact is, however, that more is not always better.

By focusing on one or two extracurriculars at a time, you can do those well before moving on to the next one. In the end, you will be much better off excelling in a few activities than getting by in a infinite number of them ngc 4388.

Myth #6: Finals week has to be misery

After a long semester of light studying, finals week is upon us! Suddenly, everyone buckles down, pulls all-nighters, and generally maxes out their stress levels in an effort to pass their exams. Sound familiar?

While certain classes may require significant amounts of review during finals week, the majority of your studying should be spread throughout the semester 자기소개서 자유양식 다운로드. If, after all your best efforts, you still find yourself overwhelmed, you can still use careful planning to make finals week stress-free.

Myth #7: Online degrees are always fake

While certain online schools are certainly nothing but degree mills, many modern students are increasingly turning to distance learning as an alternative to provide flexibility, alleviate funding problems, or learn at a faster pace Dada.

Through the use of CLEP tests and coaching services like CollegePlus! (disclaimer: CollegePlus! owns this blog), students today can earn their fully-accredited degrees from home.  Unfortunately, most online programs focus on bachelor’s degrees, so it still can be difficult to find a good master’s program online 런던보이스.

What is the strangest myth you once believed about college?

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