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My name is Nate Desmond, and I have enjoyed writing blogs and learning about college for some time.  Debt-free Scholar is the result of those two interests java blob 다운로드.

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What is Debt-free Scholar wamp?

As the name indicates, Debt-free Scholar focuses on helping college students complete college without the overwhelming debt that accompanies most degrees Download Maskrider Blade. In order to accomplish this goal, I feature articles explaining nearly every aspect of college. Topics range from avoiding scholarship scams to developing strong communication skills to finding free computer programs 웹 클리퍼.

The Story

In early 2008, I first learned of a new publishing platform – the blog.  Soon after, I started my first blog, Build Your Own Ecommerce Website.  Over the next few months, I created a few other blogs – most of which are no longer online.  Then, in February 2009, Debt-free Scholar began developing Download the Eastern Project.

As I researched inexpensive college alternatives, I kept my eyes open for ways to save, or make, money.  Finally, during my daily reading, I came upon an article called “How to Get Free Books to Review on Your Blog“.  Recognizing the opportunity for free college books, I started Debt-free College (Now Debt-free Scholar) on a free blogger address.  Later, I upgraded to the WordPress blogging platform, changed the name to Debt-free Scholar, and moved to my current website.  Lord willing, the money earned from Debt-free Scholar will be able to cover a substantial amount of my college costs 엡손 프린터 드라이버.

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Further Reading

Thanks for visiting, and I hope you enjoy Debt-free Scholar!

Update: I now run SpeedyPrep, a CLEP preparation company.